Me: 101

The mother of all meme's, it's 101 things about me. I've been meaning to do this since I saw it on Teresa's blog and I actually haven't read hers because I knew I'd want to do it and I knew if I read hers, it might affect the way I did mine. So, here we go.

1. I have three children
2. Only one of my three children was planned
3. My anniversary is January 17
4. My birthday is August 18
5. My favorite color is purple
6. I love to eat sushi
7. I really like chocolate
8. I love to drink Coke in a glass with a lot of ice
9. I love pajamas especially little nightgowns
10. I love underwear
11. My blood type is O-
12. I love watching my children sleep
13. I can't stand our dog
14. I really dislike doing dishes
15. I enjoy doing the laundry
16. I love being outdoors but always manage to talk myself into staying in 
17. I was an awful stay at home mom
18. I love to shop
19 I love clothes but get very frustrated when I have too much of it
20. My favorite Disney movie is Sleeping Beauty
21. I am quite sure my 17 year old self would be shocked and disappointed with my current self
22. I really don't care what my 17 year old self thinks but do find it amusing to imagine
23. I can't wait to be 30
24. I'm a crier
25. I hate that I'm a crier
26. I have truly atrocious eyesight
27. I hope and pray every day none of my children inherit my eyesight
28. I am a baptized Catholic
29. I went to Catholic schools from kindergarten through 12th grade
30. My high school was an all girls Catholic high school
31. When I was younger, especially in middle school, I was extremely religious
32. The worst years of my life were in middle school
33. I started questioning everything I had believed in when I turned 15
34. I was married in a Catholic church
35. I had both of my children and will have my third baptized Catholics
36. I did numbers 34 and 35 for my husband and my family
37. I don't believe in or support 90% of what the Catholic church teaches
38. As I get older, I want to live a more spiritual life
39. I have no idea how to live a more spiritual life and feel like a hypocrite the rare times I do pray
40. I hate self-help books
41. My family and in-laws think of me as a hippy but I am most definitely not
42. I can't stand Apple and think they are nothing more than the result of a genius marketing team
43. I work for an elevator company
44. I love shoes
45. I love handbags
46. I think my husband is really cute
47. I love shopping for my husband because he loves clothes as much as I do
48. I really enjoy knitting
49. I love photo albums
50. I love photos
51. I miss scrapbooking but feel very overwhelmed when I think of picking it up again
52. I feel overwhelmed about a lot of things
53. I am a procastinating perfectionist ("Well I can't do it just right so why do it at all?")
54. I met my husband in Public Speaking class
55. I waited until the last day of class and I made the first move
56. I truly believe that my hubby likes to look good for me
57. I know he really does love me
58. Some times, I'm not sure I am very good at showing him how much he means to me
59. I always fret about how my kids will remember me and how they will think back on their childhoods
60. I love to eat out at restaurants
61. I love Japanese cars
62. My all time favorite non-Japanese car is the Corvette
63. Some of my best childhood memories were on my grandfather's sailboat
64. I wish we had a boat in our family because I want my husbnd and chldren to be able to enjoy it the way I did
65. I really miss my grandfather even though he died about 8 years ago
66. I love the fact that my kids have two great grandmothers and one great grandfather and that all three are well of mind, body, and spirit
67. My grandparents make me want to grow old with my husband
68. I am the oldest of three children
69. I am the only girl
70. I love to dance
71. I was a ballerina for 8 years
72. I used to love pink as a child, then I hated it, now I adore it again
73. I think I would have made a great flight attendant when I was younger
74. I really wish that I could draw
75. I have only been to one country in Europe, France
76. I would really like to go to Italy
77. I would really like to go to Spain
78. I would really like to go to Tokyo
79. I don't watch a lot of TV
80. I don't watch many movies
81. I wish I had floor to ceiling shelves in my room that I could fill with my books
82. I hope that all three of my children love reading as much as I do
83. I don't like to imagine the future because it scares me and makes me feel nervous and, of course, overwhelmed
84. I truly believe that I am worth twice what I make but am also resigned to the fact that things are what they are
85. I believe everything happens for a reason but I can't explain how the reasoning is developed
86. My nervous habits revolve around my hands– I tear my nails and my cuticles and peel nail polish off my nails
87. I hate my feet
88. I love my hair
89. I like my eyes
90. I love my lips
91. I hate my teeth
92. I think I'm just the right height
93. I love wearing high heels and the way they make my legs look
94. I love wearing dresses but don't own nearly enough
95. I hate shaving
96. I'm terrified of waxing
97. I owe the library a good amount of money and found a lost book recently
98. I like vinyl toys
99. I miss the Bay Area
100. I adore my big crazy family
101. I am absolutely horrible with time management


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