The Final To-Do

Ok I keep getting sidetracked so here's my list of things that I want to get done today. I had Make the beds on here but I changed my mind. Who cares about the beds right now? I have to have priorities!

  • Pack the kids' suitcases: Almost done, pending some laundry 
  • Pick up that wretched kitchen counter (otherwise known as the dump it here spot):90% done just have to pick up some random stuff 
  • Do one load of laundry for me, J, and the kids and another one for the baby's stuff after I get it from my Mom's house later: This is now do at least TWO loads of laundry for me, J, and the kids 
  • Finish picking up the nursery because even though the baby won't be in there for a few months, people are going to want to see it: Has to wait for J. There is too much crap that has to be moved out of there and there's tons of stuff on the floor that I can't keep bending over for 
  • Maybe move the changing table into our bedroom because I can't be waking up Daughter with middle of the night diaper changes DONE
  • Breathe
  • Pack the camera, charge the Zune, pack the Zune, pack the speakers for the Zune, pack extra batteries for the camera, contemplate the video camera, pack the gifts for the kids from the baby, and the slippers that I bought yesterday. Remind J he may want to bring something like a book or what have you in case things stall (yeah, right).
  • Try not to vomit and if I HAVE to vomit try to make it to a toilet
  • Give the guest bathroom a once-over
  • Straighten out the living room
  • Take a damn belly picture!

Ok I think that'll do it. Plus I have to leave here in three hours to pick up Daughter and take her and Eldest to my Mom's house. Then J and I are going to our "Last Meal" (I'm craving Greek) and then it's back home to finish up the list. I slept in late today so I'm hoping that I will be completely exhausted and go to sleep without issue at a reasonable hour. If not, there's a perfectly good baby blanket that needs more knitting done on it. 

So, this looks like my last post for a while. This whole scheduling thing is really weird and I don't know that I like it. I know some people like to have everything scheduled just so (my hubby for instance), but this kind of thing is not working for me. I am incredibly anxious and emotional honestly. I can only think about the scary things for instance because when I think of the happy things, I start crying– a lot. I am trying very hard to relax, honest. But it's incredibly hard for me to do. I'm not even exagerrating in the slightest when I tell you that I am completely nauseous today. Maybe I need to add Relax to my list. I shall return!  

Update: This is not going well. I was supposed to leave 15 minutes ago. Now I don't know WHEN I'll get out of here but I have to be at my Mom's by 6. That'll be a 40 minute drive because I have to get Daughter on the way there. So I'll have to leave NO LATER than 5:15. 


P.S. I think it's a girl

P.P.S I apologize for the million edits 


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