Frustrated Knitting

I don't know what the last update I gave on knitting was. Ah there it is. January 28th and it was the Sweetheart Pullover pattern. Well I finished the sweater for Daughter and even in time for Valentine's Day and she wore it a few times. And apparently as I searched through my photos, I never took a picture of her actually wearing it and I'm quite confident her noggin's too big for it now as it was a slightly snug fit when it was done.

I'm not sure what you see when you look at it. For me it looks slightly shabby but in a yummy favorite sweater way although it was not worn nearly enough times to achieve that status. But I am incredibly happy with that sweater.

It was somewhere in that ending time that I joined up with Ravelry. And it was there that I found the pattern I would do for the baby, a Baby Wrapper designed by F. Pea for one of her free patterns. I really wanted to use Organic Cotton as the pattern calls for but two things collided– one was lack of funds and two was complete impatience. I was so proud of the sweater I'd accomplished, I wanted to keep things going. By the way, have you TOUCHED organic cotton? I've never touched organic cotton yarn but at Daughter's preschool the shirts are on Organic Cotton and that was my first touch and I swooned. So for the baby, I'm finding a good amount of Organic Cotton clothing that's not too expensive and have picked some of them up and others gifted some to me. It's so incredibly soft. You can instantly tell the difference if you hold an organic cotton garment in one hand and a regular cotton garment in another.

Anyways, I looked and looked for the right pattern. I knew it needed to be something that wasn't completely mindless. And when I found the Wrapper, I knew it was the one so I ran to Joann's and settled for some yarn and came home and decided I wasn't sure how I felt about it. I feared it was too boyish.

That night, I went to Wal-Mart for some emergency stuff and thought I'd drop in on the yarn section to see what their baby selection was like because Joann's was LAME. And that's where I found this Bernat Baby Softee yarn. I fell for it big time. It reminded me of a pastel peacock and I knew it would work with the fanned out pattern. So I cast on in FEBRUARY. I did really well, until I hit the first white stripe. I hemmed and hawed on how to do the whole stripe thing and put it off and all this mess and it took me weeks to do it and then switch yarn again. Needless to say, although the pattern calls for TWO stripes, there will be only ONE. It was while I was working the white stripe that Daughter got her hands on the peacock yarn and had her way with it. She created a tangled jangled mess and I decided I was too impatient to unravel the loopy mess before proceeding so I would do a row and detangle. Do another row and detangle. And I'd get frustrated and leave the whole thing untouched. I punish my projects when they don't do what I want miraculously. By the way, I decided to rethink my approach when I hit a part of the tangle that simply would NOT give. I think it took me three days but I finally untangled the whole thing on Saturday maybe. I can't even remember.

I've done the pattern work 20 times out of the needed 32 so I'm just over halfway done. The thing is with all the put down and pick up and whatnot, there is a small section of about two pattern repeats that I just kept screwing up on over and over again. And stupid screw ups that are so small you don't notice until you've raced past them. I really hate that the blanket was coming along so nicely and then I hit that dumb section. I also hate that it's not done yet and it should've been finished at least a month and a half ago honestly. I wanted to make a hat too or at least some booties. Now I'm just racing to finish the blanket. 

Ok I have been trying to upload pics of the WIP blanket forever now and can't. Hopefully it'll clear up soon and I'll post them then. 

Update: Ok Flickr is moody like me but at least it works!


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