In Brief: A Floridian’s Perspective

The news is coming out that the very most the DNC can do with regards to the seating of delegates from FL and MI is seat only half of the delegates. There is no word yet on how the delegates should be split. 

When it first came out that the DNC stripped us of our delegates I was PISSED. And I was more pissed with all of the candidates being ok with it (including Clinton although you can’t tell that now, can you?). The rule was passed by a Republican-led legislature in defiance of Democratic Party rules. I was a very angry Democrat. But I got over it. Rules are rules after all. And then, something weird happened. Hillary started losing. And suddenly FL became an issue again. We went from non-issue to major issue actually and I got really upset all over again. Talk about being used. I boycotted those primaries because of how livid I was. I refused to support a farce of a primary and here they are clamoring for the votes of the people to be counted. You mean the votes of Hillary supporters who actually voted don’t you? There was no campaigning done in this state. In Michigan, Obama even withdrew his name from the ballot out of respect for party rules.

The point is, I don’t think we should be counted. Those primaries were a joke. And if they want to seat our delegates, then they should be proportional to the nation’s voting record because anything else would just be ridiculous.

But that’s just me.


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