Any Soldier

Has anyone here or DOES anyone here participate in the Any Soldier program? Political viewpoints aside, these are men and women who are on the front lines day and night. While care packages are nice and lovely, they are always asking for letters and cards and such things. I would really like to participate in this and I’m thinking of bringing it up at my daughter’s daycare. The children wear red shirts every Friday in honor of our troops so I think they may enjoy it. If they go for it, and it goes well, I may take up the subject with my son’s school as well. I can probably help my Mom’s class organize it if she’s interested. We’ve been talking a lot lately about the lack of civic education. 

If you’d like to know more, check out the website: Any Soldier and PLEASE let me know if you decide to do something even if it’s as simple as a letter.
P.S. I love the idea I read somewhere about sending Free Samples in. They’re small and portable. I’m also going to send some of the girls Mark goods since I get those at a good price.


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