Review: Wii Fit!

Nintendo has done it again. This is an amazing product and I am thrilled to have it. First of all, let me tell you a bit about myself and my family who also have been using the system. I am 27 years old, I have two children, and am currently very pregnant with my third. I’ve been wanting this game for ages because of how fun and interesting it looked. My husband got it for me as my Mother’s Day present and when he brought it home, I sat by and watched him set it up and start to use it because I was unsure if I could do any of the games. Well I can, and I do!

Between my husband (28 years old), my four and a half year old son (shame on you saying this is not for children!), and me we have really explored the Wii Fit. I’ll break it down categorically.

Body Test: As it’s been mentioned already, this is fun but also needs to be looked at on an individual basis. It does not measure fat so even though it gives you a BMI reading, a very muscular person is going to be WAY off. So are pregnant ones! 🙂 However, for your average Jane and Joe, I think it’s a great idea and pretty fair.

Yoga: I haven’t done any of the Yoga yet. HOWEVER, my husband and my son both have! And this is where the Wii Fit really is glorious. My husband would NEVER go to a Yoga class. I guarantee he would NEVER do a Yoga video. And yet, there he was trying the Tree and Warrior poses! And really, this all thanks to our four year old who wanted to try them when he saw them. I would never think of a small child doing Yoga but there he was and having fun with it.

Strength Training: My husband’s favorite and the four year old’s too. Last night, my husband strung together a bunch of strength training exercises and was DYING towards the end. He did push ups, lunges, squats, and jacknifes and they really pushed him. Some people say it’s not fun to go from one activity to the other but you’re supposed to take breaks between things anyways so I don’t see what the big deal is. If you’re so concerned about not moving, jog in place while you’re navigating the menus. They are hardly overwhelming with choices and the Favorites menu is fantastic for this.

Aerobics: This is where I get into it as much as I can and this section has one of my son’s favorite games. I adore the hula hoop. And even as much as I adore it, I can’t play it too much because to really get your hoops moving, you’re going to have to go FAST and I get pretty winded right now. The other one I really have fun with is the Basic Step. What a blast. I should mention here that my 52 year old mother came over last night. We set her up and she did some games too and LOVED the step aerobics. Again, another way the Wii Fit really shines. This is the only workout I have EVER done where you’re laughing while doing it because how fun it is. My mom was cracking up doing the Basic Step. The other game on here that gets a lot of play is the Run. My son loves this one and I love watching him run in place and burning off energy without even knowing it. “Mommy is this supposed to be tiring?” “YES!” I can’t wait to keep unlocking activities.

Balance Games: My other favorite section right now. This is where you find Soccer, Ski Slalom, Ski Jump, Table Games, and TightRope for instance. Personally, I love the Ski Jump, Table Games, and TightRope. My husband likes the Soccker and Slalom, and my son doesn’t really care for many except maybe the TightRope and the Ski Games. But even then, he prefers watching us play these. These are a great time and don’t think because they’re balance games, you’re not going to be moving much. The Ski Slalom and Soccer have you moving left and right pretty fast!

Conclusion: I really think this belongs in every household in this country. There really is something for everybody on here. And what’s more, I think it can really open doors for you that you’d never even consider! I am telling you watching my husband do yoga was crazy. And watching my son doing push ups and side planks was out of this world. I personally despise gyms and the entire gym culture. And exercise DVDs are insanely limited in scope. This is the perfect solution for someone like me. For one, I can pop on whenever I want to, however I want to. My family and I can spend some time together doing something good for us and it definitely doesn’t feel that way. There are no tricky machines to figure out, no waiting for equipment, and no monotony. I also love the way the sensors help you get the poses just right– something you canNOT do with a fitness DVD or if you’re at the gym by yourself. Way to go on this one Nintendo. I can’t wait to see what other uses you come up with for the Balance Board.  


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