Mission: House

The last couple of months our little 1300 sq foot townhouse has taken a beating. And that is really and truly an understatement beyond words.  It's been the perfect storm. This pregnancy has kicked my ass in the end making even the most simple movements (up and down stairs, leaning over to pick things up,etc.) monumental. Plus I've been working my ass off at the office and so by the time I come home all I can think is "Food and sleep." And then there are the kids. Daughter is knocking on two's door and so she has really ramped up her um destructive powers. And J has had to pick up a lot more of the slack around here but it's mostly dealing with the two cyclones who are in that interesting stage where they love to play with each other but are also volatile together. Plus, do you have ANY idea how hard bathtime is for me? If it's just one of them, I end up getting in the tub too because I just can't lean over to wash them and such. So J is more exhausted than ever, I'm more useless than ever, and the kids are more on their own than ever. This does NOT make a pretty house. Not. Even. Close. So ever since Tuesday, my first official day home I have been tackling the house. The vast mountains of dirty clothes and clean unfolded clothes and clean folded clothes have been reduced to a somewhat hilly pasture. Hopefully I'll get more done today there but getting the laundry up and down the stairs is starting to prove dangerous as I've already misstepped several times. Not fun. I figure I have two laundry baskets up here next to me that hold folded clothes. I can put those away. And there's a whole bench up here covered in I don't know what that needs to be cleared today end of story. I am also of the impression that there is just way too much clothes in this house so I might bring up the box of garbage bags and make Goodwill very happy. I'd like to make my bed today. I bought a beautiful new comforter set with part of my stimulus money (hooray patriotism) and it's hardly seen the bed. Then, the master bathroom needs to be finished so the mountainous hamper needs to be emptied into the laundry baskets, the toilet needs to be cleaned, and that floor needs a good thorough cleaning as well. Then I think I can call that one a wrap. I did the shower stall yesterday. And the counter and sinks over the weekend.  And then, I get stuck. See the downstairs part of the house is just plain gross. I haven't touched it. And I think the reason is how high traffic it is. You work on it and work on it and everyone comes home and it's destroyed. But when the baby comes, there WILL be people visiting and they're going to be spending time there so I have GOT to fix it. 

Ok I just got completely distracted. I am now considering having Stanley Steemer come do my couches for $145. Does that seem high? I can't tell. It's 11 already. I have got to get a move on. 

Update: I scheduled Stanley Steemer. They're coming TODAY to clean my couches. I am so excited!!!!!!!!! Clean couches! Woo hoo!


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