Still here with you! They cancelled the induction. My primary doctor saw they had scheduled it and called me in for an exam. He said it was too early and I hugged him. So we're back to waiting and weekly exams. I am super super super relieved. And he wants me to stay home so I'm enjoying being home and getting my nest on. Today was bathrooms. Not complete, but it's a good thorough start. I've also decided that my bedroom really needs some work so I kept flitting around from master bathroom to bedroom to kids' bathroom to hallway to staircase to kids' bathroom to bedroom to master bathroom. I think I'm ok with the kids' bathroom, but mine is still bugging me and I have to do the guest bathroom. Baby's room is getting there but isn't where it needs to be either. My bedroom is getting a lot better too. There is a full trash bag up here in the hallway sitting next to a full Goodwill bag. Oh I also packed my hospital bag kinda sorta. And today, I played with my Mother's Day present– the Wii Fit! It's so fun! Of course it's even better doing it at this point. I'm 160 pounds so they have me as Overweight. But I can really only go down here from here technically speaking. Well, maybe up a bit then down again. J and I left the kids with his parents so we both played on it and had a blast. It's hilarious. Anyhow, I hear hubby coming up the stairs so I'm going to wind down and head to bed. Nighty night.


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