A Letter to Target

I just wrote this letter to Target regarding my VERY unpleasant experience with their Baby Registry. Thought you should know. Long story short, don't bother making a Registry at Target if you're aiming for convenience. Honestly, I think I'm turned off the idea of Registries completely now. Shame on these stores for boasting convenience and hassling their customers when the need is highest.

I am writing to Target today to express my complete disappointment with the store. I chose Target over other options for a Baby Registry for one reason: I am a regular Target shopper. I have a Target Red Card, I am in the store at least twice a month, and I talk about how great my Target experiences are all of the time.
Yesterday was my baby shower and the first problem was the insane amount of duplicated items I got. Clearly, Target does not ask at checkout whether or not an item is for a registry. Thankfully, most of the items I received have gift receipts with them. Unfortunately, one of the items I received duplicated, does not. It is a $100 car seat and not one of the gift givers included the receipt for me. I figured this would not be an issue because it shows as a purchased item on my Registry and surely, Target would help accomodate me by issuing store credit so that I could purchase other items that I did not receive that I need including a $270 pump. I was shocked to find out that no such acccomodation would me made at all. It does not matter that the car seat box is covered in Target shipping stickers, that it is marked as fulfilled on my Registry list, that I would like to exchange it for an item on my list. I have been simply told, by two representatives in two stores, that too bad I am stuck with it. Needless to say, I will not be making the additional purchases I need from Target but will make them from the various other stores that carry such items. Additionally, I will be warning fellow friends about the horrible experience with Target, and I will be closing my Red Card. If Target cannot accomodate its loyal customers, why bother? I drive out of the way to go to a Target store and now, that will most definitely stop.



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