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My husband and I were hashing yesterday's big headlines like the Austrian psycho nut who really makes me hope there is a hell and that there is room for him in it and that he is the type of person that gets admitted in there. Anyhow, my husband suddenly asks, "Did you hear the Roger Clemens thing?" "No," I said. "SEE! And they say racism isn't dead," he replied. I was confused and got clarification. Apparently this story broke out:

Report: Clemens had relationship with Mindy McCready

NEW YORK (AP) — Roger Clemens had a decade-long relationship with country star Mindy McCready that began when she was a 15-year-old aspiring singer and the pitcher was a Boston Red Sox ace, the Daily News reported.

"I cannot refute anything in the story," McCready told the newspaper in a story posted on its Web site Monday night.

"I have known Roger Clemens for a long time," she said, without detailing the nature of their relationship.

Clemens' lawyer, Rusty Hardin, confirmed the pitcher and singer had known each other for a long time but told the newspaper there was no sex.

"Mindy McCready is a longtime family friend of Roger Clemens and the Clemens family," Hardin said in a statement Monday. "At no time did Roger engage in any kind of inappropriate or improper relationship with her. It is unfortunate that the Daily News has chosen to report anonymous allegations that are completely unfounded, have no basis in fact, and have nothing to do with Roger's baseball career or the issue of steroid use in baseball."

The News' original story, which appeared on the newspaper's Web site Sunday night and in editions Monday, quoted several people who asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the situation.

Clemens was 28 and a married father of two when he first met McCready, the newspaper reported.

In its story Monday night, sources told the News that McCready went with Clemens to his hotel room in Fort Myers, Fla., after their first meeting but that they did not have sex. The relationship turned intimate after she later moved to Nashville and became a country star, the paper said.

The story could undermine Clemens' reputation, which is central to the defamation suit the former pitcher has filed against former personal trainer Brian McNamee. McNamee contends Clemens used performance-enhancing substances during his major league career.

"If true, it's just another example of Roger's pervasive prevarications which will be at the core of any defamation case," said McNamee's attorney, Richard Emery, in an e-mail to The Associated Press.

"If the case heads to trial and is not dismissed, as we feel it should be, we will be calling (McCready) as a witness," Emery told the News.

The newspaper said Clemens sent cash to McCready to help her with legal issues and reached out to her when she was in jail last year in Tennessee. Clemens sometimes sent her amounts of $25,000, the paper said.

The 32-year-old McCready was sentenced last September for violating probation from a 2004 drug arrest and was released from jail last Dec. 30. The violation occurred in July when McCready was accused of scuffling with her mother and resisting arrest at her mother's home in Fort Myers, Fla. She still must serve two years' probation.

McCready had a No. 1 single in 1996 with "Guys Do It All the Time." 


My hubby's issue goes back to Kobe Bryant (a black athlete) who was charged with sexually assaulting a hotel employee (white femaile). Of course the story took like wild fire and was absolutely everywhere for ages. So now this story comes out that this (white) athlete allegedly had sexual relations with this (white) girl when she was 15 and yet…. it's nowhere. You have to Google to bring it up. This guy is dealing with this whole drug abuse thing and defamation lawsuit and this story breaks and goes… nowhere. Is the media biased? It seems relevant given that the same day the story broke the Austrian was in the headlines (sexual abuse against minors) as were the FLDS sector (sexual abuse against minors again). This would have rounded out, no? What if it was R Kelley again? Or Akon? Then would it have been plastered everywhere? It's sad that it even makes you wonder doesn't it? And funny enough, if you take the big headlines of the day they STILL haven't shut up about Obama and his former pastor. Seriously, WHO CARES? Can't we just right off all religious leaders as maniacs and put them in the news when it turns out they're NOT maniacs?  

How did this blog turn into a news review thing?  Does it matter? My favorite news piece by the way is this one from NPR's Marketplace.

Those Mac users think they're so cool

People look at the new MacBook Air

A new marketing study has found Mac owners tend to think they're more extraordinary than the average Joe. They're also more likely than PC users to whiten their teeth, drive hybrids, drink Starbucks coffee and eat organic food. Andrea Gardner reports.

People look at the new MacBook Air at the 2008 Macworld at San Francisco's Moscone Center. (David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

More on Innovation, Marketing – Advertising


KAI RYSSDAL: It was technology's turn in the earnings barrel today. After the bell, Amazon reported a 28 percent rise in first quarter profits. Apple said its profits jumped more than 35 percent. That's got to have shareholders thankful for all those iPod and Mac owners out there, thankful for the advertising and marketing teams, too, They've made a splash with those commercials, the ones where the techno-hip Mac guy triumphs over the clueless PC guy.

Andrea Gardner reports Mac owners might be a little clueless themselves.

ANDREA GARDNER: You know the commercial.

MAC COMMERCIAL: Hello I'm a Mac — And I'm a PC.

Apple rolled out these ads to make you think Macs are much cooler than PCs. After all, the Mac guy wears designer jeans and sneakers, and the PC guy is overweight and balding, but over time, many consumers have found themselves charmed by the bumbling PC, and irritated by the lofty Mac. Marissa Gluck is a marketing analyst with Radar Research.

MARISSA GLUCK: The character of the Mac guy is almost too perfectly cast. He is smug. He is condescending. He's just that uber-hipster you love to hate. It just makes you want to slap him.

According to a new marketing study, if you own a Mac, you might want to slap yourself. Mindset Media surveyed 7,500 computer users in 20 different personality traits, such as self-esteem, pragmatism and modesty. They found that Mac owners pretty much personify the Mac guy from the commercials. Among other things, they think they're more extraordinary than the average Joe. That's according to Mindset co-founder Sarah Welch.

SARAH WELCH: This is a group that is not afraid to shout its accomplishments from the mountaintops. They're happy and proud to talk about their successes and their accomplishments, and that can come across as possibly a bit conceited.

The survey revealed that Mac users often describe themselves as perfectionists. They're also more likely than PC users to whiten their teeth, drive hybrids, drink Starbucks coffee and eat organic food. Nitty-gritty research like this helps companies craft an advertising message around their customer's mindset. Again, marketing analyst Marissa Gluck.

GLUCK: It gives advertisers just a fuller understanding of who their target market is. What are their preferences? What makes them tick? Why do they buy certain products?

Apple didn't commission the Mindset survey, but it's clear that the company knows its buyer. Apple's computer market share has grown significantly since these ads debuted in 2006, but there are risks when companies create ads that precisely reflect the persona of their core consumers. For some, it could be too close for comfort, says Gluck.

GLUCK: I do think that Mac users recognize themselves in the Mac guy, but there's probably that uncomfortable recognition, that slightly uncomfortable degree of self-hatred that you've become a cliche.

After taking an honest look in the mirror, I too realized that the Mac cliche is fitting: perfectionist, Starbucks drinker, organic eater, and yes, even a bit superior. Not surprisingly, I own a Mac, sigh.

In Los Angeles, I'm Andrea Gardner for Marketplace.


Pure editorial, yes, but lots of fun and lighthearted. We need more lighthearted news. 

Here are Top Headlines from MSNBC

Top headlines

Official: Abuse of FLDS boys possible

Texas officials said Wednesday that they’re investigating the possible sexual abuse of some young boys taken from a polygamist sect’s ranch, as well as broken bones among children.



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