mark Skincare

I just wanted to say I’ve been using the new mark Skincare for several weeks now and am very happy with it. It’ll be available to the public soon so I wanted to post my experience

I’ve been using Calming Effect cleanser and See Things Clearly every day for a few weeks now. I always give skincare a good several weeks to really figure out if it’s worthwhile.

I’m thrilled to say I am very happy. I’m not a skincare person. I’ve tried everything and always have reactions. I’ve broken out, I’ve had peeling, I’ve had itchy dryness, etc. This is the first combo that has actually worked well for me and I look forward to using it every day. The thing with skincare is it is such an individual thing that it’s impossible to get it right across the board. There is no miracle skincare line. I think I was lucky the mark products worked for me.

By the way, it’s worth mentioning that Calming Effect was not my first choice. I actually wanted That’s Deep but it was sold out and I really wanted to try at least one of the cleansers. I really lucked out this worked out so well. I had a tough time choosing the moisturizer because I was torn between See Things Clearly and For Goodness Face (has SPF in it). I was not at all interested in Matte Chance because I don’t have shine issues. In the end, I chose See Things Clearly because it’s the one they’re advertising with results and I figured most of my customers would ask me about it. So, luck of the draw for me but it’s been great.

By the way, I adore the dispenser for the moisturizer. I had no problem at all with mine and every day it gives me just what I need. I’m also super pleased with the size of the products which admittedly has not always been the case for me. These are hefty sized bottles and I love that. I’ve given out tons of samples so we’ll see but this has definitely been a winner for me! 

I will have free shipping for this as well and there is free gifts with purchases too. Either send me your e-mail so I can mail you the newsletter or register at the online store:


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