I notice that with pregnancy, there seems to come a certain obsessive personality. Whether it's exhibited in nesting binges or worrying binges or overwhelming emotional binges, you just tend to see things (and react to things) in a much more focused way that makes it hard to let go and so it smacks of obsessiveness. The problem is, it's not one thing because you can't stay focused on it for too long. I've made several "Obsessing" posts here through my pregnancy and I find myself fixated on one thing then another then another.

Lately, I have a new one. But this one is scaring me. It might make me go bald, gray, or both. And it's messing with my mind.

It's math. 

I cannot stop crunching numbers. Specifically, numbers related to babies and mom working. Are you ready? Here we go.

Daughter's Day Care

$130 a week @ 52 weeks in one year =  $6,760.00

Baby's Day Care

$145 a week @ 52 weeks in one year = $7,540.00


Fill up every five days at an average cost of $65.00 every fill (18 gallons at $3.50 a gallon)

73 fill ups in one year (365/73) = $4,745.00


$4 every work day, 260 work days in one year = $1,040

Dry Cleaning

$2 a shirt, $4 a pant/skirt @ 5 shirt and pant/skirts a week = $30 a week

52 weeks in one year = $1,560


Includes breaks thanks to 401K deductions and FSA deductions = $475.92 a month 

$475.92 a month for 12 months in one year = $5,711.04

Cost of Going to Work for One Year


Earnings in One Year

Includes money deducted for 401k, FSA, and Vision Care


That is what I will make in one year with both Daughter and Baby in day care. There is one tiny piece of good news. Daughter will only be in daycare for that one year and then she will go to the private school my mother teaches at so I will have significant savings there (almost 100%). So when I go back to work in August or September or whatever it is, until Daughter starts at school with Eldest, that is what I will be bringing home. $12,974.00. That's it. All of my hard, hard, hard work will let me bring $12,974 to the table in one year. There is something seriously wrong with the system.

If I focus on it, it might make me cry. It might make me bitter. It might make me nervous and resentful. So I am trying not to focus on it, I'm trying to swallow it and digest it. 


2 thoughts on “Cost

  1. I recognize that this is an old post but there’s a very important cost you leave out…..

    What happens when you don’t work for those first few years while kids are so darned expensive? What’s the cost to your long-term income earning potential when you don’t progress your career during that time. Sure, you bring just under $13k to the table, but you’re keeping your experience and skills up to date and hopefully adding at the same time. That was the only part that kept me sane during those years. Now that daycare has dropped dramatically for me, and I’ve had those raises every year….the finances have really turned a corner.


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