I’m still going with mark. I love them. If you like to play with makeup, tand other fun girly things, ake the second to register with my site. I can put you to receive e-mails from me and the ones I forward are always the ones that have free shipping codes. I don’t forward much btw, just when there’s a really good deal. 

They’ve just debuted a new perfume (Instant Vacation) that I have not been able to try yet but I’m hearing great things and it comes with a REALLY cute free necklace. I just ordered it and can’t wait to get it because the notes look PERFECT for hot weather here. There’s also a face tanner that got a great review in the new issue of Lucky magazine. 

Lauren Conrad is the current spokesperson and she’s been great. It’s a perfect match really. Also, there’s a bunch of great stuff coming out really soon including the new skincare line which I just pre-ordered so I could try it before selling it and Lauren came out with a jewelry set that is really cute and very of-the-moment. I ordered it for myself too because I love charms and have wanted something pretty much identical to what she’s designed. 

I’ve ordered clothes from them and purses and have been very happy with them. I’ve also ordered cute jewelry too.

So come check out my storefront, register as a customer, and meet mark. And makeup is much more fun when it’s light on the wallet. 🙂


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