I wish children came with really good manuals that updated constantly. Seriously. For the past several months, we've come down so hard on Eldest and his eating habits. Things just got worse and worse and fights happened all of the time and it was just a nightmare for all of us. So I started googling on Monday night after a particularly bad fight where I lost my temper with him. Every single medical article I found pretty much advised against every single thing we had been doing. I felt like I had let him down in the absolute worst way. And I felt frustrated. And all kinds of other emotions that are hard to pinpoint. 

The best article I found by the way, with the most complete information was this one.

We've made changes since then around here and dinner time has been a more pleasant experience. I am putting as much faith as I possibly can in his appetite and I bought tons and tons of fruits that I give him plenty of throughout the day. 

Now we've had Daughter with a low-grade fever on and off since Tuesday. Some days, she doesn't have any little thing at all and others she can't shake it. Our pediatricians are open tomorrow. Going from Eldest to Daughter health-wise has been really different. Eldest was never sick at all and Daughter is always fighting one thing or another. On the other hand, Eldest had allergies and Daughter doesn't seem to. It's enough to make you pull your hair out.

Oh and by the way, nine more weeks to go. 


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