So nervous!

EEK. I finished all of the parts to the sweater and last night I sewed one shoulder seam and started finishing the neck and I am SO nervous about. it. The pattern is the Sweetheart Pullover from Knitting for Baby by Melanie Fallick and Kristin Nichols. I've never done any type of garment before and I've never picked up stitches. I'm pretty sure I screwed up one part of it and that my neck will be somewhat uneven. If that's the only thing wrong with my first garment, I'll celebrate. I have to knit about two more inches of stockinette and then bind off. Then it's time to sew the other shoulder seam and be sure I have a neck that functions. See, my husband now has me nervous that I'll knit the stupid thing shut (thanks honey). Then, I think it's time to knit the sleeves and sew up the seams and weave in the few ends there are and yank it over Daughter's head. And when I do that, I'll probably laugh at how silly it is. Or I'll be super impressed with myself. Or I'll be pleasantly pleased and proceed to the next project. By the way, I've changed my mind on Baby Three's colors. In my culture, it's good luck to bring babies home from the hospital in yellow regardless of sex. So I figure I'll make stuff to bring Baby home in like booties and a hat and a blanket would be nice but a little gown or sweater would be cool too. I have some browsing to do. It's freaking cold here today (50's) and I feel like crud. 

Also, I am "broke broke phi broke" (kanye west reference). 


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