Knit Knit Knit

I can't stop!! Jesus. It is making me so happy though. Really. In ONE day I did the entire front panel for the sweetheart pullover from Knitting for Baby. I LOVE THAT BOOK! The thing is this pullover has taught me so many things.

1. I am more advanced than I give myself credit for.

2. I hate straight tedious knitting. While some people knit simply for the methodical lull, I don't. I want to remain interested in what I'm doing. 

3. I really like knitting for babies and children. The small size works for me in many ways. I like the fact that I have a finished project quickly (important for my confidence) AND I like that it takes small amounts of yarn (important for my nasty one skein habit). Not to mention the cuteness factor (wee things) and throw in the fact that with kids there's no worry of disdain for a handmade item. On the contrary, I am pretty sure Eldest alone can keep me busy knitting for the next several years as he is intrigued by my making him things. 

4. Knitting books are awesome things. And there are a lot of knitting books out there. And there are a lot of good ones. And it's been a long time since I looked at knitting books. 

I have Knitted Toys: 25 Fresh & Fabulous Designs in my shopping cart alongside Itty Bitty Nursery

I am a sleeve and a half away from having all of the parts of Daughter's pullover sweater done. Then it's time to finish it up with the joining and the neck and all of that. I'm excited about it. 

After that, it's time to start knitting for baby three. All I know is that when I think of baby three I envision sherbert. Specifically, I think of orange sherberts and the lime one. I'll have to shop around but I know I want something variegated and I keep thinking of these citrus sherbert colors. I have an objection to knitting for babies and children out of hand wash only fibers too. So it's going to have to be something I won't fear throwing into the wash. I've had to do it before and it's the BEST feeling in the world seeing it come out of there unharmed. I just have to get myself into one of the chains.I know they aren't know for amazing yarns but what they have will do for what I want. Nothing on KnitPicks is catching my eye. The other thing is, I just don't know what I want to make. A blanket seems to be the obvious choice but I worry about becoming bored. I could try the Basketweave Blanket in Knitting for Baby. I've never done basketweave and it seems to be quite beautiful and interesting– a fantastic combination. But at the same time, I figure that I might as well be patient with the yarn, order Itty Bitty Nursery, and finish the pullover. Once the book arrives, I can sit with ALL of my knitting books and pick something(s). There's also the matter of the bears in Knitting for Baby which I had dismissed as yucky at first, but now every time I see them I like them. And so does Eldest who thinks I should make one for him and one for Daughter and one for the baby. That might be a fun project and I think it'd be a great stash-buster. 

Of course, I have got to finish the pullover sweater and I haven't touched the sleeves in two days. Well, I did touch them for a moment yesterday when I realized half of the sleeve had come off the needle and unraveled. Where in the heck have all of my needle protectors gone? I think the fact they were the cute sock-shaped ones made them much more appealing to the little ones than I had counted on. 

Bedtime is here.


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