Sunday Sunday

 Just one for the records because sometimes, you really have to take a second to remind yourself of these things.

Yesterday was amazing.

Our day started with my waking up at around 10:45 and wondering what I would do for the day. The kids had slept over at their grandfather's house and J was in a Christmas party spirits-induced coma. We'd found out the day before that we had thrown away our Christmas tree lights last year so I decided I'd go to Wal-Mart to pick up the Christmas presents we'd ordered for his parents and the lights for the Christmas tree. 

Wal-Mart was a nightmare. The Site-to-Store pickup area made me wait at least 20, 25 minutes. Then I found out I wouldn't be able to pay for the lights and the other things I'd picked up there because they didn't accept payment there. So I made my way to the front of the store and lines of another 20 minutes or so. I purchased 600 lights for our gorgeous 6 foot tree. I also bought a bucket of 100 shatter-proof ornaments since Daughter has shown quite a… curious… personality develop. I bought a pack of gift wrapping tape and one of those Gift Wrap Cutters from Scotch because I hate cutting gift wrap and I suck at it and it looks like a nifty tool that won't be as big a problem as Daughter getting her hands on giant scissors. I also picked up 2,000 strands of tinsel and one stocking for the dog in a moment of holiday insanity I suppose. I hate the dog. Why did I get him a stocking? 

By the time I came home, it was after noon and J was awake and starving. We went to Lots of Lox for a super late breakfast. I had a Nova Eggs Benedict and chocolate milk. *grin* After that, it was off to his parents' house to get the kids. When we got there, we settled in for the Dolphins game but I was being overcome by a good food coma so I surrendered to my sister in law's bedroom. A while later, Daughter slammed the door open and woke me up mid-snore. I got out bed just in time to come out and see the Baltimore Ravens miss a field goal in OT and watch the Miami Dolphins win their very first game this season. It was so awesome. I don't expect anyone who's not a Dolphins fan to understand the elation. Seriously. And watching the owner cry and everyone celebrate? It was just awesome.

After that, it was back to the house. J strung up the Christmas lights with Eldest as his helper and I sorted out all of the "unbreakable" ornaments by color on the dining room table. J suddenly found we didn't have enough lights, but he really liked the way it was coming out so he went to Wal-Mart and picked up another strand. Eldest and I began decorating the bottom of the tree that was already done. Eldest managed to break three ornaments. Two of them, I think, are healed with the power of glue. One of them is definitely getting the trash heap as I couldn't even find his parts. I was sad that one of the ones that broke was the Big Bird I bought him for his Second Christmas. But it looks like his head is staying on with the glue. He looks a little rough but it's personality! My parents came by and so did some friends. We had Christmas music playing. It was awesome. S helped me with the tree and we finally finished absolutely everything by about 10, 10:30. That's 4 hours of decorating! 

I love my tree so very much. It's the tree I dream about. The tinsel makes the tree absolutely shimmer when the lights are off in the room and the tree is lit. And it's colorful and fun and at the very top sits the angel tree topper we used as kids. It just has a really good family feel to it and I adore it. 

I went to bed so much later than I should have. S and I got caught up looking at the new Mark catalog. Oh yeah, I'm selling Mark makeup. I love the stuff so much. And a lot of stuff has changed since I used to sell it. Things are tons easier now. Check out the store online:  If you order today and use the code mistletoe, you'll get free shipping on an order over $20 and it'll ship on time for Christmas. They have adorable stuff for Christmas. Seriously. Anyways, I'm looking at the clock and it's yelling at me to get to work. 

I wish every day was a yesterday.


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