Too Early To Shop?

Maybe 7.5 weeks is too early to shop around but I figured what the heck. It's always fun. I like this bedding a lot.

It's very neutral but the colors are awesome and the animals are super kawaii! Plus it matches the wall color that's already in the room and the glider.

Most likely, I'll be moving Daughter into Eldest's room for a little while, so I'm thinking of something like this.

And for Daughter's bedding, I love this.

For Eldest, it's tough. Most likely, I'll let him pick his own. Even though I'd love to see him in something cool like these.

My first gut thought was that it was a girl. But now I, and everyone else, think it's a boy. And truth be told, I think I'd prefer another boy. I don't want the two girls competing so close in age. But whatever happens, happens. I've held onto this for a while now because I'm nervous and want to be sure things are ok. The doctor is on for Wednesday morning. I'll update you later in the week.


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