E-bay + PayPal = Rapists

Holy Christopher Robin!

I listed 88 items on E-bay. Of those, 49 sold for a total of $150.02. That does not include shipping costs. Sounds awesome doesn’t it? I agree. UNTIL I tell you that between E-Bay and PayPal fees, I paid $49.29 which equals 33% of my total! Holy Christ! Now I am at a crossroads. I still have 39 unsold items. E-Bay is tempting me with a deal of 33% off listing fees (ah the irony in numbers) for a limited time. I’m thinking I’ll re-list throughout the sale until everything is gone. I may not re-list everything. Halloween stuff? Hmm who knows. Anyhow, I just wanted to throw those numbers out there. And then E-Bay has the audacity to scratch its head over why its losing the auction people. Remember the good old days of E-Bay? I really wish it was like that again but seriously, how can you risk listing something for a bargain when you just KNOW they’re going to eat into your profit the way they do? I wish I had a comparison between fee schedules. Such a shame, E-Bay. Somethings should never “innovate”.


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