Planning a Party

Lots of stuff to give updates on and little things to mention that I think you may get a kick out of reading.


Work is kicking my ass but in a really solid and enjoyable way. I adore it there. I feel like the office in general truly respects me which is saying a lot considering there are 96 – 100 people working in that office at any given time and that does not include the 200 something mechanics but I don't ever really deal with them. They are nice though. 🙂 Anyways, I have two amazing (BUSY) bosses who have night and day personalities and they definitely keep me on my toes all day long– not in a walking on eggshells way, just in a things are always hopping kind of way and they're always hopping differently depending on who it is. I'm getting a lot of projects handed over to me AND I'm getting events! It's so fun! I have a training seminar to coordinate next Tuesday, a business lunch meeting in a month at an AMAZING hotel/restaurant, AND the office holiday luncheon. WOO HOO! I thought I had completely lost touch with all of that when I left my last job and ok yes, it's not like I'm coordinating events with designer furniture and $100K budgets and aerialists flying overhead but hey it's coordinating events on SOME scale even if it's the most minor of them, right? So yes, I'm happy to be working, I really am. I get to go somewhere for 8, 9, however many hours a day and I feel like I'm doing something REALLY well. This is in stark contrast to my experience as a SAHM. As a SAHM, I didn't go anywhere and I always felt like the stuff I was supposed to be doing all day, I was really horrible at doing and the odds were just stacked against me. Plus, are there such things as deadlines in family life? Milestones I guess and when school starts, well yes, but deadlines and agendas and goals and projects come through on a daily basis and it's just so entirely different and good for me. Seriously, good.


My little tribe. My pack. I love working but boy do I love my kids and boy is it hard some times to be with them because all I can think of is how I can't be with them ALL of the time. Also, I think I should be fair and issue a warning to any mother who currently stays at home and is considering going into the workforce. When you become a working mom, suddenly stay/work at home moms (the thing you were just a few weeks ago) can ruin your life. And by the way, I'm saying this humorously but yes, there is a truth in it just hear me out. In my case, I'm particularly screwed. Both of my kids are in private schools. In Daughter's case, she is in a rather expensive school because I was scared to death of daycares in general and I wanted so much to do the right thing for her and I truly felt this was it and so no second thoughts there. And by the way? Best decision ever. I adore the school. The teachers and staff adore Daughter. And more importantly, Daughter is loving it there. The only thing is, she doesn't talk even a fraction of what Eldest did at her age and yes, I can't help but wonder if maybe it's because I'm not with her at home. But I won't do that right now. Back to the SAHMs ruining my life story =P Anyways, in Eldest's case it just so happens that my mom teaches at a Catholic school that seems to have accidentally become an elite Catholic school. Its tuition is the same as pretty much all of the other ones, but because it is located in an area that is NOW surrounded by wealth, the students that go there are children of very wealthy, powerful, and influential people. So, what happens? I have received TONS of invitations and letters and notices about all KINDS of parent/student events or teacher/parent events that I cannot attend because they are all done in the morning- when I am hard at work. And why would so many events be scheduled in the mornings? Because the vast majority of the mothers in BOTH schools either don't work at all or work from home or for their husbands whenever they want to work. There is a very small percentage of us that actually work in offices, regular office hours. I have actually raised the issue in both schools but really the majority DOES have to win and I'll just have to get over it but when an invitation came in from a mom at Eldests school to a New Mom's Meet and Greet this past Monday right after Drop-Off? I cried. Yup. Totally. By the way, I don't take Eldest to school in the mornings. I take him to my mother's house and she takes him with her. I have to be at work at the same time Eldest has to be at school. I also don't pick him up from school for the same reason. Schools are NOT friendly to working mommies.

Other than that whole emotional mess, things are ok. Daughter's getting over a bilateral ear infection AND bronchitis. Eldest has allergies that are giving him the non-stop cough. J and I are ok. We have moments. By the way, see Knocked Up. We had a mini date night last night and watched it. It was WEIRD for me. Part of it was TOO realistic and too right-on especially given our situation. And the married couple with kids (their oldest daughter is named SADIE) more often than not chilled me to the bone. At one point, I wanted to run away and cry because the woman was just freaking me out and I *know* that's me in six years. I just KNOW it (the scene outside of the nightclub on the sidewalk broke my spirit). And her husband had a scene that made me cry but I don't think J noticed it because it was the tiny cry but I hoped he DID notice it and understood why it was making me cry. For those of you who've seen it, it's the hotel room scene and Paul Judd (who I ADORE) is talking about the biggest problem in his marriage. One day, we'll get it right I think. Maybe?

Our dog is still alive which is worth mentioning because he has bitten two toads in a few months and one ended up in a ($400) trip to the Animal ER and the other involved holding him down and flushing him with a hose and a gallon of milk until he was practically choking (at least we LEARNED something from the $400 trip). He's also NOT neutered and I think he's marking territory in my house which is NOT cool. Also, he's insanely hyper. I want his balls snipped.


Ok, now for the FUN stuff. I could easily have made this post about three separate ones, huh? I am throwing a Day of the Dead Party because Day of the Dead is a Friday this year and I don't want to do ANOTHER Halloween party. SO, ideas? I need to decorate and I need to make food because that's what I do at these things. I want it bright and festive and VERY day of the dead. I'm thinking giant tissue flowers and lots of glittery skulls but I can't get too extravagant because of the first section of this post. I'm actually considering using some vacation time and taking off October 31, November 1, and November 2. Because I want to use my vacation for something I truly ENJOY for myself. Plus, I volunteered to help at the Harvest Festival at Eldest's school on Halloween. I haven't started browsing yet, but I bet there's good stuff on the internet. I also need to find costumes. I know what I'm gonna be, I just have to order it. I need a 12M or 18M Tinkerbell costume for Daughter and I need a 3T or 4T Peter Pan OR Captain Hook costume for Eldest depending on what he finally chooses.


I can't remember what it was…


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