Pay days are the best days. I hope that one day, I won't feel that way but I guess until I do I'll enjoy the feeling of having something to look forward to?

Right, positive spin! Voila!

Of course, the cash is still an issue here. J is looking into a credit counseling service for his mess which would be huge because his mess is a huge chunk of the overall mess and yeah I can't deal with it anymore. I went through this years ago and worked my ass off to fix it and get out of it so I'm hoping he'll figure this out on his own but it doesn't look good. He only did the online consult after I dragged him into the office and did it with him and then today, they were supposed to call him for the phone consultation and they never did.

I have a checking account on ING Direct now. So that's exciting. Instead of having an insane overdraft limit like Washington Mutual, it's tiny ($165) and instead of charging you $32 fees for EVERY SINGLE TRANSACTION that comes through while your account is overdrawn like Washington Mutual does, it charges you a small interest rate on whatever portion of the $165 you use. I can handle that. Seriously. PLUS they pay you interest on your balance in the CHECKING accounts. That's unheard of! I'm moving to set up my direct deposit on it too so pretty much I'll have my own account.

J tried getting one of his own, but apparently they do a credit check and they turned him down. So, he'll probably just keep the Washington Mutual or he'll get something for himself somewhere else with NO overdraft protection or something. He's gonna have to figure it out, cause I can't handle his finances anymore.

Daughter's school is doing a fundraiser– Little Lambs Cookie Dough. The school's top seller gets a free month of tuition ($780) and I am seriously going for it. Unfortunately, they don't ship the cookies out cause that'd be awesome. But we have 40 boxes so far and supposedly the leader has 59. I think I can do it, or at LEAST give her a run for her money. Not having to pay that tuition for one month would be huge. Daughter's tuition is 30% of my pay, although that's not entirely accurate because they deduct money from my account for the DayCare FSA. But that takes forever to collect on and even though they've been deducting from me for a couple of months now, they're still not getting it entirely right. For instance, although they deduct $357 from every paycheck of mine, they're only depositing like $694. So what's happening to the missing $60? I called today and they said they'll get it fixed and make sure it doesn't keep happening, but also they'll go back and deposit the right amount.

Too many dollar signs in this entry. Too many dollar signs in my head. I have a public post to make, because I realize that there are people who don't want me to disappear entirely (which is the most encouraging thing in the UNIVERSE) so yeah. I'm feeling generous tonight!


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