Oh Brit

I just have to post about this really quickly because I actually saw an article on the debacle on CNN.

I actually watched the Video Music Awards Sunday night while it aired. I did not watch a mashup or highlights or anything. I saw Britney’s “performance” and I saw her costume and I saw her body.

First of all, her performance was atrocious. I think everyone and their mother is in agreement on that factor. It was embarrassing to watch. She stumbled around and mouthed along but there was absolutely NO motivation into what she was doing. It looked like she showed up to dress rehearsal drunk and on Xanax. It was BAD.

Additionally, her costume was atrocious and her stylist should be fired. The bikini she wore was gross and just not flattering. This, however, is not because she was fat because she is NOT fat. And that’s where I’m getting heated.

I can’t stand Britney Spears. I can’t stand Lindsay Lohan. I can’t stand Paris Hilton. They are all complete and total morons in my book. But of the three, Britney has the best body at this moment. Ok yes she is missing her waist which is a little odd (especially when you’re prancing in a bikini) but her body looked fab to me. She is looking curvy as hell and not in a fat sloppy way. Her butt looked good, her stomach looked good, her boobs looked good, her thighs, arms, etc. Like I said, the only thing missing was her waist and had she worn something ELSE (say a hot dress cinched with a corset belt) that just would not be an issue. Instead, her stylist threw her out to be raked on the coals. But fat? lardy? NO WAY. That shit has got to stop already. I am sick and tired of people screaming that so and so is HUGE. I remember when Cristina Aguilera came out with the whole Dirrrty Girl image and people were saying how fat she was and oh my god and all I could think was, “Jesus her body is AMAZING.” The sickly skinny thing is OVER. Enough is enough already. I’d much rather my daughter one day have the body of Britney Spears over the body of Amy Winehouse any damn day of the week. And, by the way, it PAINS me to say that because I adore Amy Winehouse as a singer. But seriously, the skinny thing is gross. It’s just not womanly. It’s not even healthy. It’s more along the lines of poverty and/or disease-stricken. It’s gross! Britney as a person may be a disaster, and as a performer she pretty much blew chunks but her body is fabulous and the media really needs to get that memo NOW.

Off the soapbox. I swear.


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