So many times, I see Photo Posts and they seem pretty awesome but that's not where my brain is these days. Mostly, I'm caught up in words. Although, before I get to my word montage, I have a couple of children's books I feel are worthy of a mention here and so if you want pictures, hit the cut.

The first one is The Princess & the Pea by Lauren Child. I have ALWAYS loved the story of the princess and the pea but this one is truly fabulous. First of all, the writing is wonderful. It's modern and playful. But the artwork? AMAZING. It's all done in miniature and the people are paper. Really truly, it's stunning. I highly recommend it.

My other one is actually a book I just read to Eldest for the first time even though I am pretty sure it's been upstairs in his room for ages. The version I have is in Spanish but the artwork is INCREDIBLE and guess what? There's an English version. The book is Frida by Jonah Winter and illustrated by Ana Juan. I fully intend on making Ana Juan a google search of mine because her illustrations are seriously amazing. Teresa, if you're still out there you MUST snatch this. The Day of the dead references are fab.

My last one is for a book I don't have but desperately want. I am incredibly excited about Sabuda's Alice in Wonderland. I am addicted to his Encyclopedias and am dying for his fairy tales. Especially Alice.

Back to what I was saying. There is a LOT going on in my head right now and it's pretty overwhelming.  I really don't want to say exactly what's going on, though. SO bear with me as I post some things that I've been munching on mentally the past couple of days.

" And so I cry sometimes when I'm lying in bed
Just to get it all out what's in my head
And I am feeling a little peculiar

-4 Non Blondes: What's Up

Chinese Astrology- The Monkey (Me!)

Versatile and playful, the Monkey brings a lot of joy into our lives. They are adept at a wide range of skills and can be successful in almost any occupation. Their innocent playfulness, coupled with sparkling charm, make them fun companions. As with the Rat, the Monkey spends a lot of time in their heads. They are often artistic, clever, and, or, intellectual. On the downside, they think and worry too much. When young, Monkeys tend to be overly naive, eventually getting burned. Some then become overly suspicious and unable to trust people. Although they are great at making the rest of us happy, they all too often have trouble making themselves happy.

This Sign's first interest is pursuing its own pleasure; this is not a malicious interest, it's just the way the Monkey is. However, this kind of carefree self-involvement can lead to all kinds of scrapes. In love, the Monkey makes a fun, exciting lover — but one that may have the potential to stray romantically. The good news is, the Monkey’s glib manner and witty repartee can often get this Sign out of a scrape. Perhaps not everyone will be won over by the Monkey — but do you think the Monkey really cares? The Monkey's world, full of devil-may-care energy and revelry, isn't for everyone. Remember, though, it's not that this Sign is mean; it might just be a bit too curious for its own good. Monkeys often feel the need to try everything at least once, which can make for a merry-go-round of relationships.

The Monkey's love of self-indulgence can also lead to other types of trouble. This Sign may have limited self-control concerning food, alcohol and other pleasurable activities. It's party time all the time for the Monkey, yet when it leads to a monster hangover or a shattered heart (generally someone else's, not theirs), this Sign might actually show a touch of remorse. They won't flat-out admit the error of their ways, but at least they'll pull back and try to tone things down — for a while.

Characteristics of a Sheep 

Gentle and artistic, the Sheep is the feminine sign. Don't be misled; the Sheep can hold its own. The gentle-hearted Muhammad Ali is arguably the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time. Still, they do tend to be shy and reserved. The Sheep lady truly enjoys being a lady. Not every Sheep will become a Michelangelo of course, but many will have artistic talent and most will make sure their homes are beautifully decorated. On the downside, the passive-aggressive Sheep can be an irritating whiner at times. They also need lots of stroking and understanding when they go through different moods. Nevertheless, they make good team players.

Compatibility of Year Signs — Monkey and Sheep

This is a mediocre match. You are very different people. You are of the calculating, cerebral Rat-Monkey-Dragon group while your partner is of the warm, gentle Rabbit-Sheep-Pig compatibility group

Pla·ton·ic      [pluhton-ik, pley-] Pronunciation KeyShow IPA Pronunciation –adjective

1. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of Plato or his doctrines: the Platonic philosophy of ideal forms.
2. pertaining to, involving, or characterized by Platonic love as a striving toward love of spiritual or ideal beauty.
3. (usually lowercase) purely spiritual; free from sensual desire, esp. in a relationship between two persons of the opposite sex.
4. (usually lowercase) feeling or professing platonic love: He insisted that he was completely platonic in his admiration.

"Give me a reason to love you
Give me a reason to be, a woman
I just wanna be a woman"

-Portishead: Glory Box


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