The other day at work something really strange happened. Well ok not really strange but it was one of those tiny teeny things that you may not really grasp at but when you finally take posession of it, it becomes a big deal in your head– possibly more than it should.

I've been temporarily installed as the assistant to the two head honchos in my office. I'm adoring it. It's quite different than the position I've been in so far which was extremely task oriented. In other words, it was "do this" "get this" "write this" "send this" "read this" etc. This is more project-based. In other words, I'm given something and it's just like ok now run with it. And I adore it. Of course I get tasks too but who cares? The bulk of things is good and meaty stuff.

So anyhow, my bosses are together in one of their offices and I walk in. One boss is in the computer chair showing the other boss something. They're looking at Google. I walk in and they turn to attend to me and one boss says to me "What does 'blog' stand for?" "Weblog," I reply. And give a brief description of the shortening of the word. Ok that's all. We handle other business. La di da. But the other day my sister in law brings up that she can't put a bad word on her MySpace profile. I stared at her really baffled and she explained because she's got a new job. I stared even MORE baffled. And she explained that she's learned a lot in law school and one of the things she's learned is that savvy employers are now looking up their employees MySpace and googling them and such things.

The good news is when I type my name in Google, I didn't find anything, but it got me thinking. The less free time I have, the more personal this blog has become. I mean, it is significantly more personal now than it ever was and more than I ever intended it to be. I'm toying with the idea of turning it private then. But I know some of you wouldn't be able to read it then I know that there are a couple of you who care about what's going on.

Anyhow yeah. Stuff in my head. I'm going to bed now I think. I'm tired. 🙂 I miss you guys.


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