The List

The Challenges

1. Money

2. Distance

3. Housework

4. Daughter's sick

5. 24 hours make one day

6. I lost my wallet a week ago

7. Tails on a baby blanket I knit as a gift are coming apart

8. Still haven't received the paperwork from the HOA to do my front yard

9. Ants

10. Lent is not over

Things to Look Forward To

1. Interview tomorrow at 2 with a company I really like for a job I really want

2. My week late paycheck should be arriving soon and it's pay day on Friday and I have an event on Saturday

3. My new checking card should be arriving soon

4. I cast on some Fleece Artist to knit a sock on a magic loop

5. Found a solution to fixing the tails coming apart so now I need to try it

6. Going to start tearing apart my backyard so we can redo it nicely- a perimeter, some pavers and gravel, and a small grassy area

7. Easter Baskets

Things I Enjoyed About This Weekend

1. Went to the park on Saturday with J and the babies

2. March weather in Miami

3. Went to a birthday party today at the marina

4. Played with Eldest and a dump truck at the playground yesterday

5. Watched Eldest finally get the courage to play in the bounce house because a little girl named Madeline went in and her mom wanted one of the kids to hold her hand and help her. The other kids ignored her. Eldest crawled over to her and held her hand and bounced with her. Then he fell in love with the bounce house and pretty much stayed in the rest of the day

6. Snuggling with a sick little Daughter all day long including her falling asleep in my arms at the party– she doesn't do that much anymore

7. The impromptu fondue dinner party we had on Friday night with our friends. I made three-cheese fondue with champagne, chicken with proscuitto and sage, and Toblerone dark chocolate honey-almond fondue.

8. All of the food on Friday night was proclaimed "really good" and yes I made it all. Eldest said something along the lines of "Every time Mommy cooks the food is delicious!"

9. Eating leftover coconut macaroons I bought for the fondue

10. Seeing my miniature rose plant J got me for Valentine's Day really coming along at my Mom's house

11. Coupons for Michael's AND Rag Shop in the newspaper

12. Jabought me flowers yesterday

Things that made me sad

1. Finding out Daughter had a fever of 101.5 after I'd dismissed it all day as not being so bad

2. J saying something like he never gets himself anything or does any shopping for himself

3. The real estate section of the newspaper

4. Coming to terms with the fact that my really cute Cram Cream wallet is gone and I have nothing to replace it with

5. My store still being closed

6. J asking me if I only wash three pieces of clothing at one time because the pile never gets smaller

7. Finding out a lot of my friends are going through tough times


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