Shhhh Don’t Tell My Husband

I'm in love with this man…

Tyron Leitso. Canadian actor. Drop dead gorgeous. And from the show Wonderfalls which is probably one of the best television shows you've never seen. I swoon every time I see him. It's awful! I'm almost done with Wonderfalls. Just a couple more episodes. How do great shows like this get canned? What's wrong with people? God I love TV shows on DVD. Best idea ever made. I've never done much TV but this way it's fantastic. I think this may be the way I finally get around to watching Sex and the City which I sort of want to continue resisting on some level but whatever. I feel like given the things I like I sort of need to watch it- homeworkish almost.

Other things. I want to thank you guys. Those of you who took the couple of seconds to reply to my last post. I'm not sure where this is all going to go but it'll get figured out one way or another. The interview was interesting- very short for one. That, usually, is not a good sign but there was something else at play there. I felt like maybe the interviewer hasn't found herself in the position of hiring someone too often? Or maybe I was one of the first people interviewed so she didn't grill me because she didn't have other people in mind? I don't know. I got the feeling it went well but I can't shake how short it was. The job is amazing too so yeah I'm kind of up in the air and they're going to be interviewing for a couple of weeks. Just got to keep putting myself out there.

I have the urge to make a good long eye candy and link heavy post showing you all kinds of great things I've discovered lately but I am severely lacking the mental facilities for that kind of thing just now.  Oh let's play a fun little game shall we? I just got my 24 tarts from Wendy's shop. I always get the variety packs because I get bored quickly and because quite frankly I am adventurous and seeking to be more flexible when it comes to scents. Alas, I also get overwhelmed and never know what to choose. So. I am going to write all 24 scents on here and will let you choose which one to burn. They usually last me a day or two so at the very least I'll come on here to find out which tart to burn next and maybe I'll even let you know what I thought of the reader's choice. It's a silly little game but those are sometimes the funnest.

  1. Tranquility
  2. Harvest Moon (GREAT video game btw)
  3. Black Cherry
  4. Cinnamon Toast
  5. Fresh Laundry
  6. Buried Treasure
  7. Jasmine
  8. Geisha
  9. Asian Spice
  10. Pan
  11. Rose
  12. Grapefruit
  13. Green Tea
  14. Umbrella Drink
  15. Cotton Blossom
  16. Lavendar Sage
  17. Caramel Apple
  18. Nag Champa
  19. Wild Spruce
  20. Lemon Cake
  21. Lavendar
  22. Chai Spice
  23. French Vanilla
  24. Unknown (no label on it)

And one last thing to mention. I picked up Blueprint's third issue– my first. I am kind of disappointed with part of it but love the other part. I saw an ad for it somewhere and it said how it's for people just starting out. Could the editors please then explain why they showcase items way out of my price league? What kind of people are just starting out with a $2500 dining table? I didn't see anything remotely affordable except maybe one or two Ikea items. Nothing revolutionary in that sense. However. I did like a couple of the articles. I loved the Bar guide for instance and the 100 reasons to get rid of it. Also, talk about PERFECT. The last article? An editorial about how people today complain too much. And how the author resolves to complain less. Sound familiar? I thought so too.

In closing, there was a line in one of the episodes of Wonderfalls that reached out and ripped me. The main character needs to come up with a 15 word blurb about herself to be in the flap of her mother's new bestselling book. She writes something like this, "Her youngest daughter, Jaye, is 24. Her life, and blurb, are a work in progress." I like that last half very much indeed.


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