Oops! I Did It Again…

I seem to have this tendency to forget my blog. I certainly do not forget everyone else's blogs. I check my friends page obsessively, check out FlickR, and pull up the newest discovery that has streamlined my habit for me quite nicely- Bloglines (How late am I to that party!?!?!). And I leave lots of comments and read emails and all that fun stuff but then I go ahead and forget to update my own little corner of the world. I'll admit sometimes it is because of this feeling of insecurity; the "Oh well nothing really interesting has happened so why bother?" variety of thoughts. For instance, it hit me the other day that I am really bad at blogging technically speaking. Wiki defines it this way, "A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic." Mostly, you'll find text here. Lots of it. I blame my blogging roots in Diaryland for this behavior. And then I see rich, gorgeous photography like Karrah's and I just sort of give up before I even get to the plate. Shameful! But I'm determined to try and remember these little nuances that make others' blogs so wonderful to me and try my best to return the favor.

Recently, we went to the South Miami Arts and Crafts Fair. The weekend before we tried going to the Coconut Grove Arts Festival but that was a complete disaster– horrible parking situation and just insanely full. South Miami's fair is much more laid back. We parked across Red Road from the festival and it's free. We had an amazing time just hanging out and eyeing gorgeous things. We didn't buy much but we did snag a couple of teeny things- mostly food, but also some Miami honey which is heavenly, an organic brownie that was beyond words, and a bow and arrow set for Eldest. Sadly it didn't occur to me to snap photos until we were almost done. I'm very sad, for instance, I didn't take any pictures of the incredibly gorgeous handpainted Russian nesting dolls that I was positively salivating over.

Life here has been good and I'm not just saying that because I sacrificed complaining for Lent. Look, there are of course hiccups but for whatever reason this feeling of "We Will Overcome" is settling into me and it's really been freeing. The job hunt is still going. I went and interviewed and tested at a staffing firm last Thursday. I haven't heard back and tried getting through to my rep but didn't get anything but voicemail. I just keep submitting my resume here, there, everywhere. When things are meant to really fall into place, I have found they often do. So although it has been slightly frustrating knowing we are incredibly tight financially and that my working full time will considerably alleviate that but I can't do it just yet, I also know it's because the right job just hasn't come along– or maybe it's a whole other reason entirely. I managed to get my office slightly messy again but it's nothing out of control. I'm trying to pick at it so it stays only slightly messy. I've been doing crossword puzzles lately. Random isn't it? But it's been fun! Oh and another thing that has been giving me loads and loads and loads of pleasure has been knitting a baby blanket for a friend of mine. I am knitting it up with KnitPicks' Shine Worsted in Green Apple and Coral. I wish I had a photo of it but honestly? I'm witholding this one to the very end!! I have not knit with this yarn before and it has been an absolute pleasure. The yarn is so incredibly soft and the sheen it has isn't an awkward flashy shine but this luxurious sheen. Am I making sense? Also the two colors together are incredible. It has this amazing vibe to it. Definitely not your typical baby blanket colors but still really luxe. And the best part is that it is a truly simple knit. But this simplicity really adds up to elegance. I'm so excited. I did manage to knit an accidental hole into it early on in the blanket but hey, that's homemade for you! I think I might try closing it up when I'm done with waste yarn if that's a possibility. This is definitely one of those perks to being a new knitter- the discovery aspect. I mean seriously, do you have the slightest hint of the yarn out there? It's… I mean… well it renders me speechless! I am determined to finish this baby blanket and another for another friend who's pregnant as well. And then, it's back to the tank top and also, I'm going to do… socks! I swore I'd never do this. I just didn't understand why anyone would want to knit… socks. I'm still not sure I understand why. I really have no idea why I am so determined to do it. But I am! And then I find a place like the Loopy Ewe who is run by the most delightful person ever and sells some seriously amazing yarn from seriously cool people and well, what's a girl to do? I think that maybe I want to knit socks because then I am technically allowed to have the dreaded sock yarn stash. Yeah, that's what I need the Fleece Artist in Amethyst for– socks. In Miami. For the girl whose favorite shoes are worn- sockless. Duh. So now that I have officially begun stashing sock yarn, I have added socks on my radar. And they were on my uberlist anyways!

I think I may just have said everything there is to say. Or maybe I just really want to bathe because my stinky feet are driving me nuts. Heehee.


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