1) Let it be known that I really am sick to death of religious and/or spiritual conversations 98% of the time. I say this because Theresa posted about this Secret thing and I finally got around to pulling up a clip on YouTube. The clip mostly bored me but the comments were like a wreck I couldn't stop reading even though I really wanted to. While the secret is most definitely not for me (is it just me or are they just new ageing prayer?) I found it pretty relevant to me since I recently gave up complaining for Lent.

2) The whole experiment with sacrificing complaining has been an interesting one. Let's face it, things like positive thinking and visualization have been around for ages and they wouldn't continue to be used if they weren't effective. I'm not advocating that, but it's definitely interesting to see what happens not when you necessarily add positive thinking to your life but when you eliminate negative thinking (no matter how true to life it is) from your life. I think it's one of those things where you hear of these people who have intense stress in their lives (they live in a war zone for instance and food is scarce) and yet they are happy. We all know life can be no picnic but I think what got to me was how often in a day I'd reflect on the non-picnicness (new word?) of it. And it's not even a conscious reflection of it where I am actually sitting here contemplating over how crappy my life is but just vocalizing little things, I think, really started to add up. Maybe it's more out of sight, out of mind but so far it's working. And what's really neat is how much I have to pay attention to what I'm saying (or typing). I've been pretty good about self-monitoring and my husband has only caught one or two I've missed myself. I just wonder if it'll stick?

3) Does anyone have ANY advice for a messed up shoulder? I woke up Sunday with a sharp pain in my shoulder/back area. I'm not sure of medical terms, maybe a pinched nerve? I've taken Motrin and hot baths but they don't seem to alleviate it. It does feel better when I dig my knuckles in and rub but well that's not a practical solution is it? 🙂 Do I just need to wait it out?

4) I have cast on a baby blanket and am in love!! I am using KnitPicks' Shine Worsted for the very first time. It is so incredibly delicious and gorgeous to work with. And machine washable! I'm using the coral and green apple colors. The pattern is the Easy Eyelet Blanket from Knitting for Baby except I'm doing thick stripes. I officially LOVE this book. I have knit the garter stitch hat, the beginner baby booties, the garter cloche, and now am doing the blanket. The booties and cloche were gifts at a shower this weekend. She liked them lots. And was surprised they were handmade. Yay! I think this book may be the one that finally gets me to do a baby sweater. One day. Maybe for Sadie next winter? I've just looked up one of the authors, Melanie Falick, and see she has several knitting books. I am especially interested in Kids Knitting book as Eldest is dying to learn how– he learned the Off Jumps Jack poem this weekend. I'm also eyeing Weekend Knitting. Anyone have any input on any of these books?

5) Speaking of books, I'm not exactly sure how much of this is revealing too much of my personal life or whatever but I recently got Babyproofing Your Marriage thanks to a $20 Amazon credit (I love Amazon sales). I think that so far I'm going to go ahead and recommend this book. At first, I was hesitant because even though the authors swear it's not a bitchfest and a whine festival that berates husbands for not doing enough, the first couple of chapters definitely read that way- at least to me they did. I've read a few chapters and have handed the baton to J for him to read to where I've gotten so I'll give you his feedback if he'll let me. However, it's worth mentioning that for all the "You need to help MORE!" chanting in the book, the chapter on sex alone almost makes the book entirely worth it. I've learned a lot from this book so far and the most eye-opening and comforting lesson has been this: My husband and I are really freaking… normal. I mean it's almost embarassing how normal we are, how accurately so much of this book describes us. There are definitely parts that are off. J for instance does help around a lot and I personally think that although a Training Weekend would be nice as it'd really give us a common ground to communicate from, it's slightly extreme and almost not necessary in his case. But yes, if you have a little one under one let's say or maybe are even expecting a baby, get the book. Although, if you're pregnant don't even bother reading it because I have a feeling you won't buy into much of it until oh let's say Week 5 of baby being there.

6) Daughter is crying and J's almost home. Time to get the house together and dinner ready. Dinner by the way is another Barbecue in the Crockpot adventure- this time, chicken legs. Mmmmmmm.


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