I am so freaking TIRED. But I had to post that I am sitting here in my office and so happy. AC, my best friend for too long, was over here tonight and something happened and I now have a beautiful clean office/craft area again. It is so easy to lose control of this room! It doesn't happen it's in the garage so everything gets thrown into here. But all is well now and I am at peace. It was so horrible that I was too embarrassed and frustrated to take a before picture. But I will definitely snag an after. I love my room when it's like this. It is really so soothing. *sigh* Ok I'm just trying to wind down and then off to bed. We also cleaned up the kitchen. I should also mention I made dinner tonight: crockpot ribs and garlic truffle mashed potatoes. It was an AMAZING meal. The ribs had me so nervous but the crockpt did them major justice and the meat just slid right off the bone. These were fork and knife ribs people! And the mashed potatoes were another level of heaven. So I'm rather pleased with myself and something tells me that my husband is madly in love with me tonight and he hasn't even seen the clean office or 80% clean kitchen!


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