Swap Swap Swap Swap

I’m back in the swapping swing of things! Really I think I’m getting back into the swing of things in general but it might be too soon to say really. So we’ll just talk about swaps! I have quite a few swaps I’d like to send out soon. Maybe Friday. There’s a private group Valentine’s Day swap which I’m pretty much all shopped for– I just need a couple of odds and ends. Then there’s a one on one swap with tvstar1that’s a kawaii pink and red swap. I’ve only gotten a couple of things for her but I’m really doing the shopping for that tonight. There’s also the Sweetpea swap for which I’ve been paired with Em  whose package I received in the mail TODAY! EEK! (I took pictures and will post soon!) I’m finishing that one up this week. And then there’s all the little mail I have that will be going out. For instance, a valentine for Theresa’s little one from my little one. Plus, a slew of storebought Valentines I’m sending out. Yes storebought. But wait until you SEE them. SO CUTE! I also have a birthday card to send and some thank you cards and a note. And I’ve just caught a glance of my sheet of stamps. That will simply not do! I need more stamps! I have this odd feeling that I’ve forgotten something. But just because I haven’t made a note of it here doesn’t mean I haven’t shopped for it. I just have to get my head sorted out. I have missed signing up for Coloriffic for the second month in a row! Shame on me!

In other completely unrelated news, I think I might close Colorful Cute for a little bit while I revamp it. I have a LOT to do and I keep getting sidetracked on orders and stuff. Plus it’s not busy enough to warrant staying open while I sort things out. I’m not closing forever, just until I get set up on Zen Cart (inventory has been a MAJOR issue for me) and I also really need to focus on wholesale. But I’m still stocking up and am planning a major grand re-opening. I haven’t officially closed yet but I will do that this week. Ok the kids are gone and so am I! Catch you all later.


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