Twilight Zone

I feel so completely bizarre as far as my knitting goes. I just discovered that I've been knitting wrong all along and so I set out to correct it. Sunday night I completely frogged my first attempt at this adorable washcloth and Monday I cast on and set out again this time with proper technique. Well Monday night it was done and I was so super duper proud of myself because not only was this the first time I was knitting properly, it was also my first time doing a lace type of project and yes I know it's not laceweight yarn or lace size needles but it's the whole gist of it right?

Well I really like it and I had so much FUN doing it I promptly got on the computer and searched for another lace washcloth pattern that appealed to me and settled on this one. And I cast on and started that one last night. And I just finished that one too. By the way, I haven't blocked either of these. I'm not sure HOW to block them for one and I'm not sure I'm supposed to? I dunno! Both of these were knit with Peaches n Cream in the Peppermint colorway which struck me as completely perfect for Valentine's Day. And I am badly bitten by the lacy washcloth bug and want to do one for everyone. We'll see how I long I keep it going! After all this weekend is going to be pretty weird.

Eldest is going out of town to be with his cousins and aunts and uncles in New Jersey and New York. I think he's leaving on Thursday. That little boy has flown to and from two different trips and is now going on his third! It's nice to have a grandma in the airlines! My mother in law is having a garage sale on the 10th which I'll be participating in so I'm taking advantage of this time to declutter the house- especially his toys! And on Friday I am working at a Super Bowl party. I'm so sleepy. Hooray wine!


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