I had mentioned in an earlier post that I had completed my Bejeweled scarf while in Texas. I finally got to photographing it today. Hooray! I knit this up with Manos del Uruguay in the Wildflowers colorway which I purchased with a gift certificate that came from my very sweet secret pal, Meggie. Because of the yarn I used, I jumped it all the way up to size 13 needles and so I ended up with a scarf that was wider and shorter than the pattern called for. Here it is wrapped around my neck.

Now the thing is because of the shape my "scarf" took and because I live in South Florida where the coldest it gets here is in the mid to upper 50's, I've decided that my Bejeweled works REALLY well as a sort of miniature wrap and because it's just barely too short to sit nicely on the shoulders, I've fashioned a sort of stole out of it and realized the colors were perfect to pair with my Fafi pin! So here is the way I'll wear my Bejeweled!

Bejeweled My Way

I think this would look so cute around a t-shirt and some jeans but would look elegant around a dress as well. Hooray!!


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