This just in…

I can’t knit!

I just found out that I have been knitting incorrectly since I taught myself almost a year ago. I was working on this pattern for a Valentine Swap and got suspicious about knitting into the back of a stitch. Something I read on Lolly’s blog echoed faintly about how she had been knitting wrong for months and twisting stitches. A google search and a click here and then here confirmed my worst fears. I’ve been knitting into the back of the loop from day one. I feel like the biggest moron alive. I can’t believe I’m admitting it publicly. I have no idea how the hell I managed to teach myself this way. It looks CRYSTAL CLEAR in that image and then in the video. How did I miss that!?!?! If you’re clueless about what I’m doing wrong, click here. Basically you’re supposed to knit like the first picture. I’ve been knitting like the second.

*dies of shame*


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