Weird to the Sixth Power MEME

I have been tagged by the ultra chic Brooke at Three Pink Trees (even her NAME is chic) for the classic Six Weird Things About Me Meme!

Number One:

I hate being scared even a little bit. I don’t think it’s fun at all. Therefore, I don’t watch scary movies, not even action suspense type movies. I also have never been in a haunted house for the same reason and you’ll never catch me at Halloween Horror Nights.

Numero Dos:

When I am really frustrated and just UGH I usually start going off in Spanish. I guess technically speaking I may have learned Spanish first but my parents spoke English at home a lot. My guess is that it’s a habit I picked up from my mom (along with a MILLION others) who most definitely did learn Spanish first and exclusively spoke spanish for the first six or so years of her life. When she gets frustrated she slips into Spanish because she’s more comfortable expressing herself in Spanish.

Number Three:

I’m scared of balloons. I’m trying my best to get over this because I have two kids and really the fact is that most people love balloons. I hate them. I can be around them for a little bit but when kids start playing with them and smacking each other with them and rubbing them and all that I just have to leave. When one pops, I get really nervous and usually have to leave the room as well. Just about everyone I know, when they find out about my fear, always jokes that for my birthday they’re going to fill my car or house or whatever with balloons. This has never happened because they see me around balloons and see how it really truly affects me and decide they’re actually friends of mine and would rather not like to see me die of a heart attack they inflicted. 🙂 For the record, the shiny mylar ones I can be around until it’s time to pop them.

Numero Cuatro:

I think candles that smell like food- cookies, pies, etc. are “cheating”. If a house smells like a cake is baking, there better be a cake in the oven!!

Number Five:

I am a horribly disorganized, messy, cluttered person but I am EXCELLENT at organizing for others and am quite detail-oriented on the job or when I was in school on projects. Why I can’t keep my house as neat and organized as I help others do is beyond me.

Numero Seis:

I *have* to eat something sweet after eating a meal. I just don’t feel normal or something if I don’t eat something sweet. Dinner mints don’t count!

And as part of the meme I have to tag six unlucky victims. I figure this time I’ll give my LiveJournal friends list a whirl.


You’re IT!


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