This post will be a full-blown bragging spree regarding a minimum of two topics. However I cannot promise it will be limited to two topics because we all know bragging is contagious.

First of all, I think it is HIGH time for me to do some baby bragging. Personally I don't think I do as much bragging about my babies as other mommy bloggers do and I'm thinking I really need to rectify that. So for those of you NOT interested in REALLY cute babies or REALLY smart preschoolers, please skip right on ahead to the part where I brag about my knitting.

As far as my oldest, Mario, is concerned I shall brag via a story of events that transpired this morning at playgroup. Today's playgroup had a snowman theme and was much fun. The children made snowmen out of paper circles and cotton balls and glue. We made it "snow" in the living room with cotton balls and a parachute. They played with shaving cream "snow" (aka a pile of cheap shaving cream) on a vinyl tablecloth and Eldset and I even managed to somehow mold the shaving cream into actual snowmen which wowed many. And we also read a story, Snowmen at Night. And this is where my son's true personality (and thought process) in it's complete awesomeness shown through like a beacon. The premise for Snowmen at Night is a little boy makes a snowman and the next morning finds his Snowman looking pretty beat up. The little boy wonders what Snowmen do at night that gets them so scraggly and so the book dives into the thick of its story with each two page spread detailing all of the wonderfully fun things snowmen do at night. These activities include all sorts of things like sledding, and drinking ice cold cocoa, and having snowball fights, and sliding around the street. These are very rambunctious snowmen. The last page of the book then goes something like this and this is serious paraphrasing and I just know I'm butchering it but bear with me, "And so when you find your snowman the next morning with his grin lopsided and his hat on the floor you know it's because of all the things Snowmen do at night." The End. Eldest then blurts out, "Or maybe they're just melting"  with all of the "Are you all really that dumb?"13 year old attitude he could muster in the body of a 3 year old. So much for the magic of a child's imagination!! It definitely was one of the greatest comedic moments in the life of Eldest and all of us Moms had a great laugh over it.

The other baby is not to be outdone or even forgotten for the slightest second. My beautiful darling little Daughter is seven months old these days. She is crawling up a storm and her two bottom teeth are making an appearance. She is desperate to walk.

I can't remember if I mentioned this but the little princess is actually underweight (12 pounds at last month's checkup) for her age so we've been trying to bulk her up a bit and in a way it's working but when she and I encountered a 15 pound 3 month old baby girl today, it became quite obvious she's got a ways to go yet! But that doesn't stop her from crawling all over the baby brothers who attend playgroup too. And it doesn't stop her from flashing these heartstopping smiles. Her eyes are insanely gorgeous. Something interesting about them especially as they're only slightly brown just around the pupil and everything else is a grayish almost violet color. I doubt they'll stay that way forever but if they do…

I was going to embed this video of Sadie crawling but YouTube is down so I can't grab the embed code. Click instead and and I'll change it when I can.

So there you go for the baby bragging. My babies amaze me. I adore them and I am truly fortunate. They're quite yummy too when I can't resist a bite.

I mentioned finishing Bejeweled and in January which means I've actually completeld a Knit-A-Long! I haven't been able to photograph it though so you'll have to take my word for it until I get something to show you. But that's ok because I finished something else tonight. On July 8, 2006 I ordered the yarn I would need to knit Eldest a snake from the fabulous book World of Knitted Toys. I bought up some soft Crayola yarn fron KnitPicks in this awesome green. And there it sat for a very long time. I don't remember exactly when I cast on but it was not that long ago as I forbade myself from starting any new projects until after Christmas. I must have cast on a few weeks ago during one of my nights off.

Now I have to say that the snake actually came out well and I owe it ALL to the Yarn Harlot. You see I'd gotten Knitting Rule for Christmas and ran through it in one night including the bit about knitting needles and their NON universal measuring system. It hit me like a freaking lightning bolt as I rummaged for the right needles. I was looking for the wrong size as the book is from the UK! I caught myself just in time and found needles that would work, cast on, knit, and measured a few inches into it, was happy with the gauge I was getting, and went on. And On. And on some more. But I finally finished knitting it when we got back from Texas and I finished seaming it up last night. Tonight I did the eyes and the tongue and posed him for a picture. I'm still debating sneaking into Eldest's room and leaving it on his bed so he finds it when he wakes up in the morning. I think he's a quite handsome snake and if he were mine I would name him Charles. But he's not mine so we'll see what he ends up with for a name. And hopefully I'll be able to take a picture of Charles getting some love.


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