Wham Bam

I'm just rushing on you because I've gotten a few emails wondering if maybe we turned into icicles in Texas and hadn't thawed yet. Kinda 😉

We've been back a few days now. Had a really nice time despite the FREEZING weather. We literally missed the ice storm that covered San Antonio and I-10 by just a few hours so we couldn't stop and look at anything else. I think we like San Antonio better just because Houston doesn't really offer enough of a change of pace from where we are at now and I think we desperately need it. I took a couple of pictures here and there. I'll post soon I swear. I finished Bejeweled kinda sorta. LOL Because I used Manos I had to really go wonky with needles and stuff and so it ended up being a thick, short little stole type thing. It looks REALLY cute when I fasten it around my shoulders with my Fafi pin. And tonight I finished the snake for Eldest I've been meaning to do since I learned to knit really. All he needs are felt eyes and a cute tongue. I really like him! And since it looks like Eldest might be going up North in a couple of weeks I have to knit him a hat and am thinking a pair of mittens.

Animal Crossing on the DS is AWESOME. Oh my god I love it so much. My best friend has it too and we go visit each other all the time!

There's another craft fair coming up and it's being hosted by a store that sells Kid Pirate gear! YAY! One day I'll actually make stuff for one of these and sell things instead of just spend 😉

I have so much to do. I really thought I'd get some down time this month and yikes it's all evaporating. Today I made a cleaning and laundry schedule for the house. I need to put it on a calendar and set it in the kitchen.

I need to finally own a house that I truly love. I am always hearing people talk about how much they love their little house and I don't know what that's like. I thought for sure I'd experience that with this one but it has not been a pleasant experience so I guess not.

Anyone have a debt remover wand I can borrow?

I think I'm working at a Super Bowl party. Should be… interesting.


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