Post of Pictures

I am never really really late for swaps. But for January's Coloriffic I am. And I feel awful about it. And it's mostly got to do with this:

Yes that tiny thing. It was my first time working with instarsia and I hope that my partner can forgive me for being late and for it being the work of a beginner. But I really gave it my all. And what's more, I even did it oh a million times until I was happy with it. Once I got it done, it went awesome and I have ideas for a ton more including one that says "kawaii" on it 🙂 By the way this is the wristband from Stitch n Bitch.

But now it's finally ready to go and I'll have it all set for the post to pick it up. Hooray. Thankfully it's a domestic package so it shouldn't take long to receive it.

Huh, I just realized I haven't gotten mine either so yay karma!

In other news, last month I purchased the pattern for Shobhana's Bejeweld scarf whose proceeds were going to charity. Lolly has organized a Bejeweled knit-a-long which she's quite adept at doing and so I've gone ahead and embarked on the Bejeweled journey.

What I really should be saying is that I have embarked on the journey oh I don't know five times? There are a multitude of reasons for this. First of all, it seems I am actually becoming insistent on doing my knitting right. So the first couple of tries were because I wasn't getting the pattern right and kept messing up on this that and the other. But the last two attempts were because I just wasn't happy with the way the scarf was looking. This is the part where I mention that I chose to knit up my skein of Manos del Uruguay yarn in the Wildflowers (113) colorway. I treated myself to this yarn and couldn't think of what to knit with it and finally I settled on Bejeweled because I want to be able to wear this and show off this amazing gorgeous yarn. I loved how open and lacy Bejeweled was. In Miami, open and lacy are pretty much necessary. The pattern calls for size 9ish needles and I tried that and it was too tight. So I went to 10.5's and wasn't happy either. So I grabbed the largest thing available, size 17 needles, and got to work. And finally I was happy with the look of it. The open and lacy side is finally coming through. I of course forgot to compensate and have been increasing happily along and have now realized that my scarf is about an inch thicker than the one in the pattern and I would still need to increase it by ten stitches so I'm not increasing anymore. I'm worried I won't have enough yarn so I'm keeping a close eye on the ball. Interesting note is this might very well be the first thing I knit for myself that I can wear. If you don't count the striped wristband I made before making the star wristband for Coloriffic.

We're leaving Saturday morning! Tomorrow night we have dinner. I have a thousand errands to run. I'm sleepy.


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