Computer Day

I've spent a huge chunk of today with my buttcheeks firmly smooshed against this chair. And in a way I have learned that I am actually getting used to NOT being on here and that's nice. I wanted to get up and leave the computer so many times today. I usually want the opposite you know? But I couldn't. I had so much stuff for the store to take care of. The holiday rush ravaged my poor little store and I'm trying to pick up the pieces. My inventory is a disaster. I am trying to look into getting Zen Cart but I'm clueless about these things. Ooooh real time inventory how I NEED you so. My inventory is so bare it's embarrassing. So I'm checking stock on some new stuff. Yay new stuff. Lots of berries and apples and mushies. ^_^

I figured while working I'd also play around so I've put in a new layout and a new avatar and they mesh well together. J rented the first season of Weeds for us to watch after nearly a million or so people told us it was a must-see. We loved it. They are getting really good at television let me tell you. I only have two cons. One is easy one not so much. Let's do the easy one first and get it out of the way. Every man the main character (played by Mary Louise Parker) meets falls in love with her in a big way. It's laughable but also annoying.

My other con has to do with something that didn't even bother me until someone else mentioned it and it's not so much with the show just in general. I read the reviews on the DVD on Amazon and was shocked to find some people upset because Nancy (Mary Louise's character) buys her pot from what they call the stereotype which is in this show a black woman and her pregnant daughter. Now other than the fact they're black I thought it was really stupid to call it a stereotype. If it was a sleazy hustler type yes. A stupid gangsta type yes. But the fact is it's another single woman doing what she's doing. I actually thought it was kinda neat to have the parallels run like that. Whatever. What REALLY got me is how these different reviews all yapped on and on about the black stereotype and yet no one mentioned the Hispanic stereotypes that are in the show that are truly really stereotypes. Nancy's housekeeper is Hispanic, Lupita. And a rival dealer who later falls in love with her after a good hot romp in an alley and becomes her muscle is also Hispanic. Perfect. The (nosy) Hispanic housekeeper and the Latin Lover Dealer. Those are original. Completely. Really. *eyeroll* I haven't seen Season Two so I don't know if these characters develop at all but I highly doubt it. At least the black characters have interesting angles. I think so at least. I'm just sayin' if you're gonna knock one, knock all of them ok? I have to say that's one of the reasons I love the Gabrielle and Carlos partnership on Desperate Housewives. It's just not often Hispanics get cast in those roles– not on American TV at least. They get those roles on Univision and Telemundo ALL the time though =P

I'm off my box now. Just wanted to lay that out there. The show's great. Watch it. My favorite character, Celia (played by Elizabeth Perkins) knits at soccer games. Oh and in case you were wondering, this is absolutely positively not for children unless you're totally ok with them seeing softcore sex scenes and much consumption of drugs in which case, have fun.

I'd like to say thanks some more for the comments and emails you've all taken the time to write to me. You guys are so sweet. I got a lovely letterset from a swap and I have lots of stationery and I'm in a letter writing mood again so I think I might send some letters to some of you. I'm pretty much sure that this is definitely some form of mild depression and my guess is that it has to do with the hormones from nursing. I sort of went through this with Eldest but it was more when I weaned him off nursing at five months (I was on honeymoon and lost my milk). I guess since in that case the hormones went away it didn't last as long. I have lots of support from my family my friends and my husband most of all. So I think all will be well in the end.

Oh one last thing. I am leaving to Texas for vacation this Saturday. We will be in San Antonio for a couple of days and then we will be in Houston. We keep going back and forth on Houston but my gut tells me to just check it out. If anyone lives in either area and would like to tell me some places worth checking out, hit me up. Maybe you know some nice neighborhoods with good schools for instance. I actually have a family friend in San Antonio who's going to take us around but we're on our own in Houston. I hear Moshi Moshi Imports is in Houston so I might have to see if I can pop in. That'd be fun šŸ™‚ Alright guys I'm going to get some rest. I'm exhausted. I'll talk to you soon ^_^


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