I’m feeling a little blue today. A little lonely too. So odd isn’t it? I read an article today on what you eat affects your mood. But I’m not entirely sure I believe it. I have eaten some chocolate and drunk plenty of water. Oddly enough I am finding lots of people are feeling this way and I can’t help thinking maybe it’s a bit of holiday burnout or something? I know here there are lots of things that are liable to pull me under at any second. I’m guessing lots of people are in that same boat. I have orders that need to get out. I’m packing those up tonight and leaving them for the mail carrier.

I cast on 136 stitches for some baby blanket. Mostly just because I wanted to knit. Knit to just knit. Baby blankets are that kind of project. You’re just knitting…  It’s a basketweave blanket. I’ve never done basketweave before. I played with a swatch at my mom’s and stopped paying attention and messed up. So I decided the swatch was over. The gauge was wrong. And I didn’t care. I cast on anyhow. I’m not a perfectionist. I’ve got a couple of pregnant friends I’d like to knit for so we’ll see. I’m nervous about knitting something other than baby hats but I just tell myself it’s one big rectangle really. I really need to get to Target and buy more wrapping paper. And I need to decide if I’ll be letting Santa borrow my wrapping paper or if he’ll be using other paper. I’m leaning to “other.”I’ve actually never done a single wrapping paper style but I’m having fun. I’m using this beautiful black and white design. Not very Christmasy but I could care less.

I have a Christmas party at my house Friday night. I have nothing to wear. I haven’t bought a crumb of food or a drop of drinks. I have a billion ideas including a recipe I saw for Cranberry Baked Brie and some sort of Pomegrante Champagne Fabulousness. At least that’s what I’d call it.

I should stop typing already and pack up orders and go to bed. I bought a great book the other day and my stupid reading lamp is dead. WTF? It’s brand new! Blegh!


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