I’m in my office and am so happy because the smell of Tide’s Simple Pleasures (water lily and jasmine) is flooding my room. I simply LOVE this smell. But what makes this smell even better is that this is tossing around in it:

That is the purse I have been working on since way too long ago. I actually first mentioned it here and can’t find a reference to it since then. LAME. But I promise you it’s been on the needles for an embarrasingly long period of time. Anyways, I yanked it out for a minute to see how it’s coming. It looks so neat! The skull and crossbones is darkening. I’m guessing maybe the black is bleeding a bit or because it’s duplicate stitch the stitches melt together? I’m clueless.

It turns out that last night I finished another project. I think it might be the last of my Christmas knitting which wasn’t very impressive anyways- just two hats. But they’re all done and here is the one I made for my super chic sister in law. This was knit up in the hand painted Suri Dream Stucco Color. I love that yarn!

By the way, I’m thinking of making a pair of mittens using the leftover yarns. Do I need a lot of yarn for that? And one more question, does anyone have any ideas on converting patterns that call for knitting with DPNs to using the magic loop? I’m sort of lost on that but really want to try!

Anyways, I hope to be proudly showing off my purse tomorrow. Until then here are some pictures of my first adventure in dyeing. I have to photograph the finished balls.

The hardest part to this was untangling the mess I made in that bowl. Good god. It took me way longer than I’m comfortable admitting to finish untangling that mess and I was only able to do it when a friend helped. But it’s pretty! Reminds me of grapefruits or something. Maybe even a South Beach Sunset. Or a tropical smoothie with a dollop of whipping cream!

And here is the bag blocking. One day I’ll get it through my skull that gauge is a good thing. One day. I promise. Just maybe not today.


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