I can’t see straight

Wow I'm a tired wreck right now. Blegh. Just posting to say I'll be gone for a few days. I have an event on South Beach that'll need me tomorrow, thursday, and half of friday. I'm kind of looking forward to thinking about things other than kids, dogs, poop, pee, food, etc. I am also excited I'll be staying at the Sagamore. So pretty. And on the water. Not that I plan on swimming but it's very relaxing to me. Really though it's all about an empty bed. One not to be invaded by hungry babies. And I love my husband a ton but I'm just feeling hella crowded these days and I'm looking forward to some loneliness if you will. Of course it's worth mentioning that it's a quarter to two in the morning. I have yet to pack or shower. So do I stay up some more or go to sleep and wake up when J does and get that all done tomorrow morning? *sigh* Originally I was told to be there at noon but my boss is now requesting me as early as possible. Actually he wanted me at nine but that's just not possible. That's a two hour drive if I head out in rush hour. Easily.

I packed up the most recent batch orders. My little store is looking quite bare! I'm trying to get another order in but wow things are nuts!! I can't wait for this week to be over. Then things will be calm again. I did a bunch of shopping today for Christmas. My brothers, my dad, my in-laws, my sister in law, some friends, etc. I need to sit down and wrap presents and see who I'm missing. I just thought of someone actually. Dammit. I love Amazon Prime. *hugs Prime*

I've gotten some delicious mail this week. I'll share when I'm back to normal. I can't wait for the weekend. Birthday party Friday night and a craft fair Saturday. I'm just visiting though. No time to make things to sell. Next year maybe?

Ok loves. That's enough for me. I really am done for. Good night.



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