A Post In Pictures

I've been holding back some stuff lately as I've been distracted by the Kims' story. But I'm trying not to dwell on it too much so here is a post celebrating some really great things. Pictures are wonderful and there is no shortage of them in here. This is the package I am sending in the December edition of Coloriffic Swap O Rama. Can YOU guess the color scheme?  I made two handmade items for it as well.

A small handmade pillow. I used freezer paper. My friend, Sog, drew the robot. Actually his version is MUCH nicer and detailed but details don't work well with freezer paper. At least not when I do it. But he helped me out big time. Thanks Sog! He actually liked the way it came out too. Maybe I'll make him some for Christmas 😉 Also, I like sewing pillows as I don't screw them up too badly. Nevermind that little messed up top right corner….

A little felt monkey ornament. I figure if she doesn't celebrate Christmas (although I think she does), she can hang it from anything really. I had lots of fun with this one.

Now I actually had another swap going this month and that was Storme's Handmade Holiday Swap. You had to make a gift you've pretty much used exhaustively and send it. Your recipient then has a neat new gift to give to someone else or she can keep it for herself. I had Aimee in Austrailia. Aimee hasn't gotten her package yet so I'm not going to show what it actually is because she has my blog address. But of course it's something made with a freezer paper stencil. Shocking I know.

We were also asked to include some sort of Christmas project idea and a favorite Christmas recipe. I chose a beautiful Santa I found in a magazine that I would LOVE to make and a recipe for Surprise Package Cookies. I love those cookies. They disappear every time I make them. I also threw in the hot item this Christmas, some garland from Tord for Target.

Funny enough a package came in for ME today. My December Coloriffic swap actually. Very exciting. Gracie in Canada sent it to me. It's quite beautiful. Not to mention tasty. I can't wait to tear into that chocolate. These swaps are making me quite the chocolate connossieur. I've been discovering chocolate from all over and it's really quite fun! Keep it coming!

She also made a case for my knitting needles. She's learning to sew too and I have to say she did an excellent job. The case is so delicious and THICK. It's just really sturdy. I love it. I also think she made this scarf. I didn't see mention of it in her note. Isn't it funky? I hope we have a cold day here again so I can wear it. I was wearing it around the house and it got quite warm!!

Last night I really wanted to get off the computer. For one I couldn't stop googling for more information on the Kim family story and also because I just wanted to cherish my little family a little bit more than usual. So I decided it'd be a good time to sit in the living room while they watched TV and do some knitting for Christmas. I'd wanted to make my mother and sister in law some drop stitch scarves. But as my mother in law is in Chicago and my sister in law is in Boston I started doubting whether or not the scarf would be warm enough. So when I kept reading how authorities were concerned James didn't have a hat, it hit me. A hat! A hat would keep them much warmer than the drop stitch scarf. So I put the Suri Dream to work and did my mother in law's hat last night. I have to say I love it. It's my first adult sized hat! I'm going to start my sister in law's tonight I think. Although it IS J's night off so we'll see if I have much time for it. I've decided for her I'll make it a LITTLE bit longer so that it sits over her ears and pulls down close to the eyes. I think it looks nicer that way. This yarn by the way is amazing. It is so soft and so light but definitely warm!

Oh, one more thing!! And this I am very excited about. My mother loves the things I've bought from Elia and she loved the work she made for her mother. So I commissioned a piece from Elia for my mother's Christmas and Birthday present. Yes I know I'm committing the combine into one present crime and I hardly do it but in this case it's worth it! She sent me a sketch the other day and I'm SO excited. It's perfect. Just a little tidbit on the title. Eldest calls his grandmothers Abi, a short version of the Spanish Abuela. And my mom calls them her "niños lindos"- pretty children in Spanish. So I thought it'd be nice to title it that way. Eldest is wearing a guayabera, the traditional Cuban shirt for men. She is incredibly talented and I think she has some items (including some CUTE Christmas cards and even a few original art pieces) for sale in her shop that you should definitely check out and snag.

Unfortunately I'm tired today and Eldest is in a weird mood. Like anything can and will set him off. He cries over any little thing so it's really trying my patience. I am trying to finish packing up the slew of orders I've gotten this week so I can head to my parents' house for some help and go to the Post Office alone.

Have a wonderful day today and don't forget to count your blessings.


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