Kati Kim and Daughters Alive! James Missing

I know I am late with this update I just wanted to hold out for news on the father. They found Kati and the two girls yesterday and they have been taken to the hospital where they are doing very well. Apparently Kati nursed the two girls because they were hungry and had no food with them. James set out on foot in search of help on Saturday and they are intensely searching for him. God I hope they find him soon. Very soon. I can’t explain why but this story has really affected me. Over the weekend when I found out they were missing I had to keep checking for updates. I was stuck on the story. I had to tell everyone I knew. I wasn’t expecting to find a silver saab with Doe SF license plates in Miami, FL but I figured if enough people knew, if enough people were thinking about them, it’d help in some weird way. I was showering one night and thinking of them and I was crying because I was so disturbed by something like that happening to a simple little family– a family that too keenly reminded me of my own. I’m posting a link to an article about them. I hope they find James. I hope with all my heart and then some.

Wilderness search intensifies for missing father


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