First of the Month Meme

Andrea, strange_muse posted this and I love it. I actually first posted on Livejournal in February but was posting regularly at Diaryland so I’ve gone through those and picked up what I needed. 🙂 So here are the first lines of the first entry of every month of 2006.

Yeah it’s over.

I keep telling myself how I really need to add an entry in here because it really has been some time now and that’s kind of dissapointing, but my brain is just slightly I don’t know, fuzzed.

Just a really quick update on my absence.

It’s a new month.

Happy May Day everyone.

Today is June 1.

I think that my favorite thing about blogland has to be the increase in awesome mail which is pretty ironic if you think about it.

I. Am. So. So. So. Tired.

The reason we bought a three bedroom townhouse instead of a 4 is because other than the fact that was the most we could afford we noted the townhouse had a nice sized garage.

The deadline for shipping out is coming up.

I’m so very behind in my LJ fun.

Combat Cards 2.1

Let it be known that I have learned something from this Meme which doesn’t happen often. And what I have learned is I really need to work on my opening lines. My introductory sentences if you will. Because if you ask me they fuckin blow.


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