Please Help Find The Missing Kims Family!!!

James and Kati Kim along with their two little girls, 4 years and 7 months, have been missing since November 25. They were last spotted at a Denny’s on their way to their hotel as they headed home to California from their holiday trip to Oregon. They called their hotel to let them know they’d be late and to please leave a key. They never arrived. They have not come back home. No one has seen or heard from them.

They were in a silver Saab with California license plates that read DOE SF, the name of Kati’s clothing boutique in San Francisco. New information provided by family members indicates the car may have visible recent damage extending forward from the driver’s door along the left quarter panel and wheel area. This damage was the result of a previous traffic-related incident in which the driver’s door was reportedly repaired but the other noted damage may still be visible.

Anyone with ANY information should call (800) 452-7888.

Here is the website their friends and family have set up. PLEASE REPOST THIS. PLEASE GET THE WORD OUT.


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