Christmas Crafts

What IS it about this time of year that just makes you want to make things? Every year I try and make ornaments. I pick a method and make some. I’ve made some using wooden dinosaur diecuts from Michael’s, I’ve made some with salt dough, last year was beaded snowflakes with a kit, and this year I decided on felt ornaments after seeing the cover of the Jackson & Perkins catalog (which I have no idea what it is or how I got it but it’s got cute stuff!). So my best friend and I sat down and made some ornaments after we made christmas cookies from some Pillsbury sugar dough and cookie cutters.

I used the cookie cutters for tracing shapes onto the felt. It was fun! The little stocking I made I think was not meant to be (by the way it’s strung now). I used copious amounts of glitter glue on it my best friend kept doing stuff to it by accident. It was SO weird. She dropped things on it or flipped it over by accident. The same ornament over and over again!! But she finally left and so it got to recover in peace. I had to fix that stocking about four times and it was the second one I made because she messed up the first one to an irreparable state. LOL it was bizarre. My favorites are the tree and snowman. Although I am proud of myself for making the little bell and I thought the snowflake was a pretty great idea. Also the candy cane was neat because it’s my first time embroidering something in ages and it gave me the courage to do the little snowman’s face. Funny enough the candy cane keeps growing on me. So yes I love them all heehee.

Anyways there are also projects I want to try. The stuffed trees that are very hot among crafters right now are not for me. Instead I’m eyeing the paper trees in a Woman’s Day Special magazine I have and a paper Santa from Home Companion. And definitely more felt ornaments. I’m willing to swap some handmade ornaments if anyone would like to play. I have a couple friends who are interested so I’ll be making some for them. If you’d like one, let me know. I like the small work and also it’s a nice switch from knitting for now. I’m actually going to try my hand at some for my Coloriffic partner.

Ok time to eat. I’ll be back!


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