Let it be known

I have been up since 9 in the morning today. I have spent about 85% of the day working on the store's new shipment of stuff. I stopped to care for the children so my husband could shower. I paused to eat leftovers. I even took a bath. And this morning I wound up a ball of the yarn I'd dyed. Unfortunately I am only about 85% done. Which means I am incredibly frustrated because I just cannot go on any further. I had no idea it would take this long for some reason. I'd meant to share pictures with you of our Thanksgiving holiday, my Black Friday night at a CLUB, and the delights that made their way to Daughter's baptism. But alas, this has not been possible. Have I shown you the yarn I dyed yet? I can't remember but somehow I doubt it. And honestly? Don't count on it tomorrow either. See I'd really wanted everything done today because I have a gazillion things to do for my OTHER job since the December events are around the corner. I have a list of things to do and I'm starting to ITCH thinking about all of this chaos.

So I'm calling it quits. I REALLY want to finish but seriously I can't. My butt hurts, my fingers hurt, my eyes hurts, everything hurts. I'm just thinking of my bed which is being occupied by my husband who has a tendency to warm up to a really toasty temperature that's great for cuddling against. So I'll just throw up a couple of pictures to make you smile and I promise I will return. Hopefully soon and sane.


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