To the D to the Y to the E L I C I O U S

So dyelicious. LOL! I'm  in a great mood today. MAJOR knitting news update. Last night I popped into Joann's and scored 4 balls of white 100% wool yarn at $3.49 each. I restrained myself from dancing in the aisle somehow someway. I also scored some AWESOME fabric for my coloriffic partner but that's another can of beans.

First of all, I am super proud to announce that I have a SOCK IN PROGRESS. I said to myself enough excuses and tried again with the book the sock yarn the circs and newfound determination. I practiced a couple times and then did up a swatch for gauge on this sock in the book. I had gauge ladies and gents. I had gauge. So I cast on and knit away. I wish I could show you my sock but alas I have no photo yet. I knit at my mother's house while she began cooking for Thanksgiving and it was a little slice of heaven. The kids were at home with J it being my night off and I was SO HAPPY. I knit some more when I came home and am going to knit even more at my mom's house later today.

And today? Well today…

I've been dyeing yarn!!! I had a bunch of pics but photobucket is acting up. BAD PHOTOBUCKET! *kick*

I can't wait to show you my first experiment BAHAHAHAHAHA


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