As for Knitting

Have you noticed a lack of posts regarding knitting? I have! SO very sad too. However don’t you think for one minute that knitting hasn’t been on my mind because it has. And I have a nice list of things I want to do regarding knitting.

First of all I have to thank Laura at Affiknitty for being quite possibly the best knitting cheerleader in the world. Going to her blog makes me ITCH to knit and she is incredibly helpful. When I read about knitting two socks on the magic loop I was shocked and in my mailbox a few days later arrived a booklet on the magic loop, two balls of sock yarn, and a set of circular needles. Everything I need to do just that.

I have been dying to put those supplies to use I really have but I’ve never knit a thing on circular needles. It’s so embarassing! I was so scared of them but now I’m not scared. I really want to try. I just don’t have any but the set she sent me and even though they are nice and long the needle size is TEENY TINY and since I’m not used to circs at all I’d like to learn the magic loop on a set of thicker needles just so i can see if I am doing things right.

And then! The dyeing. I’ve been interested in the idea of dyeing yarn for as long as I can remember. And lately Laura has posted some beautiful dyed yarns. Well I have a shipment of some Suri Dream in natural colors I plan on dyeing. I told Laura she’d inspired me (again) and she sent me some excellent links to dyeing information including this one whose photographs make it impossible to resist I promise. I read that and I rummaged through my stash for other natural colored yarns I could dye and found nothing natural colored that was made of animal fibers. So bummed! PLEASE get here quickly Suri Dream! Oh it just occurred to me that the yarn Laura sent was a nice grayish natural. Hmmmmmmmm… And speaking of gray there is a great color card she linked me to that shows natural and gray fibers after being dyed with Kool-Aid.

OK LJ you rock. My Suri Dream has arrived! WOW it’s so soft. And naked ^_^ I’m going to buy kool aid tonight. YAY!!!


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