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Here is a really great little swap to join. Cost? A little crafting time plus shipping. Think you can handle that? JOIN!
I had major Tord victory today and I didn’t even go to the Target I got my garland at! I hit up two Targets today and picked up a few garlands. I’m going to spread the love to my fellow lovers of pretty paper things. If you want one, let me know. I also scored the window clings! These look SO neat. I’m fighting the urge to put them up right now. If you want one of those, I have extras too. See how thoughtful I am? Anything leftover that I don’t use I’ll just ebay. I also picked up four mugs, two mutil colored ones and two gold ones. So pretty.

I have decided that the mugs I own are very boring and dreary. I have begun a mission to create a collection of mugs I enjoy drinking from. I have a really cute red one from Starbucks that has a devil on it and says boo at the very bottom. Starbucks has ANOTHER one I haven’t bought yet for whatever idiot reason. It’s a deep purple that almost looks brown in some lights and has beautiful designs on it. I love it. It’s not on their website. I really need to buy it. I’m thrilled that the mugs I bought today will be added to my new collection. Because I don’t have enough collections…

The Office today was spectacular. Am I the only one out there who could care less about Pam and Jim? I love Karen!! And really who cares about that rivalry when there’s Dwight and Andy!?!?! I ate it up I really did.

I went to New York and all I took pictures of was the plane ride up there.

Speaking of New York I do believe I promised you pictures of the cuties I snagged at KidRobot didn’t I? Well here they are. I snagged the two Sonny Angels (Panda and Cock- according to the package I SWEAR) and the two Sket Bots! And for those of you clueless out there, they’re the four figurines up front. Doesn’t it look like the yellow Sket Bot is freaking out about standing next to an anatomically correct little naked boy?

I think I’m done here for tonight. 🙂


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